Episode #1 – Opening Day… what to expect and how to make the most of it!

Mini-Yo-We Podcast

Mini-Yo-We alumni Christine is joined in this episode by fellow alumni Becca and Rachel to talk about pro-tips for getting your kids adjusted to opening days. Together, the moms have experienced about 75 opening days and are here to share their experiences. Arrange supplies ahead of time. // Of course your child needs clothes, but about a week out Rachel …

A Year in Review

Mini-Yo-We Blog

We’ve had an amazing year at Camp Mini-Yo-We! As we looked back over 2017 we wanted to highlight just a few of things that made us smile as a team. Check it out! In JANUARY we launched into 2017 strong with two year-end celebrations. We had registered 1000 campers before December 31 AND surpassed our Christmas Campaign goal for last …

The Biggest Mistake Your Student Might Make in 2018

Mini-Yo-We News

We added a special episode to the Mini-Yo-We Leadership Podcast with guest Lee Cockerell, Former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walk Disney World. Lee is joining us for our summer staff training at the beginning of the summer! Check it out: We’re biased … like, really, really biased. We think the every student in Canada who is wanting to …

21 Reasons Mini-Yo-We’s Docks Are The Best!

Mini-Yo-We News

Mary Lake is the jewel of Camp Mini-Yo-We. We love the lake we’re on. The views we have from each of our Camps is amazing. The sandy bottom makes it perfect for swimming in. Somehow the sky looks so much bigger and more beautiful when framed by Mary Lake. We don’t take for granted the amazing resource that our lake …

We love CityKidz! (& you should too!)

Mini-Yo-We News

Every summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We we see over 150 campers that come because of Camper Sponsorship. We’re honoured to welcome kids from families in need into our programs because of generous donors who support our ministry. There are families who need some extra help closing the gap between what they can pay and our camper fee. There are really two …

5 Reasons Summer Camp Is Better With Friends

Rich Birch Blog

One of the insider tips that we share with parents who ask how to get the most out of their kids’ time at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to bring friends along. Find out five reasons why!