CO-ED, AGES 14-17




Trippers will be challenged, have fun, and experience the great outdoors during this canoe trip in Northern Ontario. All those in the program are split into 2 ore more trip groups. Each trip group has around 10-15 campres and 2-3 staff. 

Tripping provides a unique opportunity for leaders to know each individual and help them grow physically, mentally and spiritually. We take time to train each participant on canoeing techniques, outdoor survival skills, safety training, and more.

The Route

This map provides a birds eye view of the Northwoods trips! Each day camper will be leg of the trip through a combination of canoeing and portaging. Halfway through the trip we break for a food drop where we re-stock in either the town of Temagami or Martin River Provincial Park. By the end of the trip campers will have covered roughly 150 kilometers.


A Typical Day

Campers are involved in every aspect of the trip from canoeing, portaging, preparing meals and trip navigation. Take a peak at what an average day would look like while on the trip itself.

6:00 Rise & Shine
7:00 Breakfast
8:00 Clean Up Site
8:30 Leaving the Campsite
1:00 Lunch on the Lake
4:30 Arrive at Campsite
6:00 Dinner
7:30 Evening Campfire


Take a leap and join us on this year’s Northwoods Canoe Trip! You’re bound to be stretched, have a blast, and develop friends that will last a lifetime.

Information for Parents


Bus &

Health &

Food &

Our first priority is the safety of our campers. There are a number of steps we take to ensure the highest level of safety on all canoe trips.

First, we require that each trip have a minimum of two leaders. At least one leader is required to have their NLS lifeguarding qualifications and standard first aid. In the case of an emergency this leader ensures campers receive proper treatment. Each trip carries a wilderness first aid kit as well.

Second, we carry high quality equipment in the case of any emergency. Trip leaders are trained on how to use a GPS device called SPOT that tracks the trip’s progress relaying it to key staff on main property. Trip leaders have the ability to signal both our staff team or emergency services in the case of a life-threatening emergency.

Unfortunately the only contact during the trip is from the trip leaders back to key staff through our SPOT communication devices. We track the progress of each group to ensure they are roughly where we would expect them to be at all times. Any mail will be kept at Camp awaiting their return. It always feels great to hear from a loved one upon arrival back at camp after a long trip!

All our trips carry multiple filter pumps or gravity filters both of which take regular lake water and remove water-borne bacteria. It’s camp policy to ensure that all trip leaders and trip participants treat water prior to drinking it.

There is always the increased chance of seeing wildlife when on an out trip. In the past our trip leaders have sighted dear, moose, bears, beavers, turtles, fish, frogs and snakes while on the trip. Trip leaders and campers are trained in keeping a safe distance from wildlife. We also require that trippers stick together in pairs or two or more at all time.

The tripping director works hard to ensure that meal plan for the trip is selected according to a healthy balanced diet. We recognize that canoe trips are physically exertive and we pack accordingly to keep everyone well fed.

An average breakfast could be oranges, eggs, bacon and rye bread with jam & margarine along with hot chocolate or tea. For lunch we may have pita with cheese along with apples, cucumber, and oatmeal cookies. Dinner is typically a meal that requires more preparation such as chicken legs with rice mixed with onions, raisins, and broccoli. Often we also end the day with an around-the-fire snack such as marshmallows or S’Mores.

We encourage campers who have some specific equipment to bring it at their own risk. Camp will supply all necessary equipment and will give each camper a 30-litre dry back when they arrive in which to pack personal belongings.

Campers will be required to bring and pack all their own clothing, a compact sleeping bag and other essential items. Each camper is provided a detailed packing list with necessary and optional items. Due to space limitations campers are not permitted to bring any major gear such as personal tents, stoves, etc.

Let’s Get Paddling

Please note that male and female capacities are combined below.

NORTHWOODS // August 5-18, 2018