CO-ED, AGES 16-17




LIT is for those committed to growing as leaders through challenging and life-changing experiences. It is also the final step in our camper programming that equips youth with the necessary skills to be a leader on our summer staff team.

Key focuses in the program include leadership training, personal discipleship, biblical teaching and practical skill development. If are looking to grow in your Christian faith, have a passion for summer camp, and have a desire to gain valuable leadership experience then this program is for you!

Develop As A…

Christ Follower

We encourage each LIT in their Christian faith through small groups, worship, 1-on-1 mentorship, Q&A sessions and biblical teaching.


We press into leadership development through team-building activities, in-cabin service time and one-on-one mentoring.


LITs have the unique opportunity to participate in a 4-day canoe trip with their small group!

Team Member

LITs will serve in camper cabins while learning the DNA of what it means to be a Mini-Yo-We summer staff.


Applicants submit answers to a series of questions and are required to provide recommendations from teachers and friends as part of the application process. Lets get started!

Information for Parents

Financial Assistance

Bus & Transportation

Health & Safety

Food & Diet

Yes! Campers can claim up to 80 hours for serving in the Leaders in Training Program. Letters will be sent by email to all qualified campers. If an official school form needs to be signed, please see the LIT Director for their signature before the camper leaves.
All LITs are given a detailed packing list before arriving to Camp to ensure they have the necessary equipment for the canoe trip. Our trip leaders also provide skills and safety training so that LITs know how to portage a canoe, set up a tent, prepare trip meals, and operate safely in the outdoors. Small group leaders that lead trips are experienced leaders and each trip has a lifeguard present. Each trip also carries a GPS signalling device so we can track their progress and locate them in the event of a serious emergency.
Camp provides an an inter-denominational Christian environment in which LITs will learn more about who Jesus is, what the Bible teaches, and how we can have a relationship with Him. We actively engage and challenge our LITs personal faith through Biblical teaching, worship, mentorship, Q&A sessions and more.
That’s right! Our LIT program covers 6 weeks of the summer to ensure the best possible experience for youth. Our first priority is given to applicants able to attend all components of the LIT program. In the unique circumstance that an exemption is required please contact our office before applying.

Space is Limited!

Please note that male and female capacities are combined below.

LIT 2018 // June 27 - August 11, 2018