It takes a lot of trust to send a child away for a week and we don’t take the responsibility lightly! At Camp our first organizational priority is the safety of our campers. A safe environment is the foundation for a fun summer camp experience. We have a great team working year-round to provide a safe and exciting place for your children.

Meet Our Team

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Medical professionals
on site every week
of the summer

We aim to have three or more medical professionals on site every week of the summer. This team administers first aid, distributes camper medication, and deliver an opening day safety talk with all campers on sun safety, hydration and safe footwear. In serious emergencies the Huntsville Hospital is just 20 minutes away.

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How We Do Things…


All medication is given to our team during check-in. Nurses administer prescriptions at meal times and in the evening as necessary. Campers are not permitted to keep medication in cabins.


Early week each core program performs a routine practice drill. This ensures everyone knows what the alarm sounds like and where to go in the event of a missing person or emergency situation.


Every year our summer team is trained to know how to deal with bullying, emergency situations and camper injuries. Our staff training is a week longer than other camps on average.

The head louse is a tiny insect that lives on human heads. Head lice is a common problem amongst children and is occasionally identified in our incoming campers.As a community living in close quarters, head lice can spread quickly and be hard to eliminate. In an effort to prevent lice, we request that all parents check their child’s head for lice before check-in. We recommend checking for lice both one week and one day before arrival.

In addition to this, our staff team performs a head-check on each camper as part of the Sunday check-in procedure. If any lice or nits are found, parents will have one of three options:

  • Return home and receive a full refund for the week of Camp.
  • Return home and, after proper treatment has been received, return for any week of the summer which still has space.
  • Parents can request Camp staff to treat the camper for lice. Parents will be subject to a $200.00 lice treatment fee payable upfront. This includes 2-3 on-site treatments as well as the supplies necessary to continue treatment at home.

We take the safety of campers with a peanut allergy very seriously. However, due to variables outside our control, we do not claim to be a peanut-free environment. We consider Camp a peanut-aware facility by taking the following proactive steps:

  • Camp kitchens do not knowingly serve food that contains peanuts. We do however permit the use of products that list “may contain traces of peanut products” in the ingredient list.”
  • Our tuck shops do not knowingly stock snacks that contain peanuts.
  • We request that campers, staff and guests do not bring products containing peanuts onto our facility.
  • Staff are instructed to remove products containing peanuts from the property if found.

The private residences of staff living on property are not required to be peanut-free. Campers are not permitted in these areas.

Campers prone to anaphylactic reactions are required to bring two epi-pens and carry them on their body at all times. Parents of campers with a known anaphylactic allergy must disclose this condition on the registration and medical forms upon registration. We encourage parents to talk with the medical staff and their children’s cabin leader upon their arrival.

Medical Volunteers

Are you interested in volunteering for a week of the summer on our medical team?
Volunteers care for campers, distribute medication, provide first aid and support Camp in critical situations. Positions exist for nurses, doctors and paramedics. Find out more about discounts and how to apply on our jobs page!