How it Works!

From this page you can send a message to a camper at Camp Mini-Yo-We! Just fill out the form below and your message will be delivered to the camper along with the regular postal mail.

The camper’s Tuck Shop Account will be charged $1.00 per message you send.
Messages must be sent by 9:00 AM to ensure same-day delivery. Messages received after 9:00 AM may be delivered the following day.

Messages are guaranteed to be delivered Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You can still send messages on Friday but please recognize that because of how close we are to the end of the week your message may not reach the camper before pick-up on Saturday.

All camper messages may only have on recipient. Due to the layout of our camps it doesn’t work for one message to be passed to multiple campers. If you want to send the same message to multiple campers please complete this form more than one time.
Campers do not have the opportunity to respond to electronic messages sent to them while at Camp.

If a camper is staying at Camp for an extended period of time they can send outgoing mail via Canada Post.

Send a Message!

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