We know that parents have tons of questions when sending their kids away to Camp! We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions below to help you understand Camp a little better.

We also recommend the Mini-Yo-We Mom’s Podcast (dads can listen too!) a podcast we designed specifically for first time parents sending their children to Camp Mini-Yo-We.


We launched registration for Summer 2018 on July 1, 2017! We’ve had hundreds of families already register already, eager to secure their spot for next year. You can register online at www.campmyw.com/register and apply for our leadership programs at www.campmyw.com/apply.

Great effort is made to honor mutual requests for children of a similar age. Campers and staff are separated into cabin groups based on their age and sex. Cabin placements are made before arriving at Camp so please indicate any requests during the registration process.
Your entire balance is refundable up until June 1. For cancellations after June 1, there is a $150 cancellation fee. No refund will be made for dismissals due to disciplinary action or for late arrivals or early departures. In case of withdrawal from Camp Mini-Yo-We on a physician’s order or for campers found with lice upon check-in, two-thirds of the fee for the remaining term will be refunded. Programs that do not receive a minimum number of registrations will be cancelled and fees paid will be fully refunded.

Laundry services are available to campers staying two or more consecutive weeks for a cost of $30.97 + HST. Laundry services include a colorful Mini-Yo-We laundry bag (you get to keep!) are provided by a local laundry service. Camp Mini-Yo-We is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

About Mini-Yo-We

We are a Christian organization which welcomes campers from all backgrounds and beliefs. Camp provides an an inter-denominational Christian environment in which children learn who Jesus is, what the Bible teaches, and how we can have a relationship with Him. We encourage campers to consider issues about life and faith through Biblical teaching, music, skits, prayer, and evening devotions.

Camps’ original name in 1946 was The Fountain of Living Waters, based on the Bible verse John 4:14.

On January 28, 1947 the organization was incorporated and the name changed to Camp Mini-Yo-We meaning “spring” or “fountain of living water” in the Dakota Sioux language.

We acknowledge that Mini-Yo-We is situated on the traditional territories of the Anishinabek. The treaty signed for this particular parcel of land is referred to as the Williams Treaty of 1923. We celebrate the enduring presence of Indigenous Peoples on the land.

Camp Mini-Yo-We is incorporated as an Ontario not-for-profit and is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as Registered Charity # 119041721. If you would like to make a gift to our ministry please check out our Financial Support Page for more information.

Financial Support

We are always looking for ways to help families who would otherwise not be able to send their children to Camp. We have payment plans, discounted weeks, early bird discounts, sibling discounts and a camper sponsorship program to support families that otherwise could not attend Camp.
Absolutely… in fact we encourage it! The vast majority of our families are on a schedule that involves monthly payments. When you go to register there will be an option to split the cost of the program across the months left until Camp.
Yep! Families that register for Week 7 automatically save an additional $50 off the cost of Camp!
Yep! Families receives $200 OFF for their third children and every additional child is $350 OFF.
We have a number of early bird discounts for families! The best way to find out about these offers is to scroll to the bottom of this page and get on our Summer Camp Updates email list. We’ll make sure you know whenever a discount code becomes available.

Camp Mini-Yo-We has a robust sponsorship program that supports over 150 campers attend camp each year. You can find out more about the program and how to apply on our Financial Assistance page.

Health & Safety

All medication is given to our team during check-in. Nurses administer perceptions at meal times and in the evening as necessary. Campers are not permitted to keep medication in cabins.

We aim to have three or more medical professionals on site every week of the summer. This team administers first aid, distributes camper medication, and deliver an opening day safety talk with all campers on sun safety, hydration and safe footwear. In serious emergencies the Huntsville Hospital is just 20 minutes away.
Early week each core program performs a routine practice drill. This ensures everyone knows what the alarm sounds like and where to go in the event of a missing person or emergency situation.

The head louse is a tiny insect that lives on human heads. Head lice is a common problem amongst children and is occasionally identified in our incoming campers.As a community living in close quarters, head lice can spread quickly and be hard to eliminate. In an effort to prevent lice, we request that all parents check their child’s head for lice before check-in. We recommend checking for lice both one week and one day before arrival.

In addition to this, our staff team performs a head-check on each camper as part of the Sunday check-in procedure. If any lice or nits are found, parents will have one of three options:

  • Return home and receive a full refund for the week of Camp.
  • Return home and, after proper treatment has been received, return for any week of the summer which still has space.
  • Parents can request Camp staff to treat the camper for lice. Parents will be subject to a $200.00 lice treatment fee payable upfront. This includes 2-3 on-site treatments as well as the supplies necessary to continue treatment at home.

Food & Diet

We hire dedicated food specialists each summer to assist us in providing the best meals for campers with special diets. We can accommodate diets which are vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan and more. If you have a question about a specific diet please contact us before registering.
We hire dedicated food specialists each summer to assist us in providing the best meals for campers with special diets. We can accommodate diets which are vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free, vegan and more. If you have a question about a specific diet please contact us before registering.
Our team can handle a wide range of allergies including campers who are peanut free, citrus sensitive, and more. Campers prone to anaphylactic reactions are required to bring two epi-pens and carry them on their body at all times.

Our Staff

We have a camper to staff ratio better than 3:1 across our core programs as as whole (Discovery Camp, Boys Camp and Girls Camps). For our younger campers we work to exceed even this goal to provide the best experience possible each week of the summer.
Camp Mini-Yo-We summer staff are a minimum of 18 years old or are in cabins as part of our Leaders in Training program (16 and 17 year olds). Besides the cabin leaders we also have a group of older lead team staff members such as Waterfront Directors, Ministry Leaders who oversee key aspects of Camp. Cabin leaders are typically age 17-20 while lead team members would typically be 19-23.

Camp would not operate without the 150+ operations volunteers who give their time each summer in various areas of Camp. These include camper parents, grandparents, friends of Camp, teenagers and everyone in-between. We need volunteers on our Food Service, Maintenance and Medical Teams. Find out more on our Adult Volunteer page.

Staying in Touch

You betcha! We bring in a team of photographers, videographers and social media experts each summer to capture everything that’s going on at Camp. We’ll be most active on Facebook and Instagram but we’re also on Twitter and YouTube as well. We post around 200 photos a week as well as re-cap videos, live updates of what’s going on around Camp and more. Like, Follow and Subscribe!

You can leave mail with our staff during Check-In that will be delivered during the week. Please mark on the package the following pieces of information:

  • Camper’s Full Camp
  • The program they are attending (Girls Camp, Boys Camp, Discovery Camp, etc.)
  • The date you want it delivered

Here are some pro tips….

  • Camp is peanut aware. Do NOT put any peanut products in the mail. 
  • Write positive and encouraging letters! A pick-me-up from you will mean the world to your child while they’re away from home.

Absolutely! If the camper you are hoping to contact is only at Camp for one week we recommend leaving mail at our office during check-in. This will ensure it doesn’t get caught up in the mail and arrive after they leave. If the camper is here for multiple weeks feel free to address a package with the following information:

  • Camper’s Full Camp
  • The program they are attending (Girls Camp, Boys Camp, Discovery Camp, etc.)

Camp’s full mailing address is:

1878 Muskoka Road 10 West
Port Sydney, ON P0B 1L0

We have a camper message service where you can submit a message online and we’ll deliver it to the camper as quickly as possible. 

Submit a message by clicking here! 

In the case of an emergency where you need to contact your camper immediately please reach out to our office. This is the best place to reach us for any situation. You can call 705-385-2629 or email info@miniyowe.com and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Arrival & Departure

Our core programs (Discovery Camp, Girls Camp & Boys Camp) check-in between 2:00-3:00 PM on Sunday afternoons. Please note that check-in does not begin until 2:00 PM and that program begins at 3:30 PM!

If you are attending one of our youth camps or leadership programs please refer to your information package and emails regarding drop off times and locations.

Our core programs (Discovery Camp, Girls Camp & Boys Camp) pick-up is at 9:30 AM on Saturday. If you believe you will be late (after 11:00 AM) please contact our office so they can inform our program staff. 

If you are attending one of our youth camps or leadership programs please refer to your information package and emails regarding the pick-up time.

Other Questions

Lost and Found requests are processed through our online lost and found form.

Submit a lost & found request now!

If your child is younger and prone to wetting the bed or you believe they may wet the bed while away from home, we kindly request that you pack enough pull-ups to wear at bedtime for the duration of their time here at Camp. Our Discovery Camp cabin leaders will ensure discretion with regards to the campers who wear pull-ups. The use of pull-ups helps avoid messy and embarrassing situations for our camper.