Unlock More Adventure at Camp Mini-Yo-We: Activities & Instructions

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At Camp Mini-Yo-We, we’re all about creating memorable experiences and opportunities for personal growth. Whether you’re a camper or a parent preparing for the summer, it’s essential to understand the different ways you can customize this adventure. Let’s break it down:

Activities: Adventures Core to Every Camper Experience 

Core 10 Activities: These are the essential adventures that every camper enjoys during their stay. They form the centre of our core programs. At Boys Camp and Girls Camp, children ages 10-15 will all experience the following Core 10 activities in the morning. Got campers ages 5-9? Check out the Junior Camp Core 10 on our website!

  • Water Zipline // Campers get to soar through the sky on our unique zipline that lands in the lake!
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding // Campers will learn how to paddleboard and explore Mary Lake!
  • Tubing // Campers get to race around the lake on awesome tubes!
  • Biking // Campers will trek through the Muskokan wilderness on our bike trails!
  • Canoeing // Campers learn how to canoe to new destinations during our canoeing activity!
  • Kayaking // Campers get to explore the lake on our kayaks and learn various techniques!
  • Skyline // Campers will love another summer of fun on our land triple zipline!
  • 2 High Ropes Elements // Campers get to challenge themselves on a new high ropes course!
  • Archery // Archery is back! Campers will aim to get the highest score in one of our archery games. 

Afternoon Choice Activities: At Boys Camp and Girls Camp, campers will also select Afternoon Choice Activities options every day, which gives them the opportunity to customize their experience. They can go back for more of the Core 10 or try new adventures like pickleball, disc golf, pedal go-karts, and more. It’s a chance to try something new while having a blast with fellow campers!

Instructions: Elevate Skills With These Adventure Upgrades

Instructions are special add-on experiences that allow campers to dive deeper into a specific skill or interest during the Afternoon Choice Activities time period. Before the summer begins, parents can purchase these options to enhance their campers’ experiences. Instructions for 2024 include:

  • Theatre Arts: Discover your inner star and perform! [learn more]
  • Wakeboarding: Build your board skills on beautiful Mary Lake. [learn more]
  • Sailing: Learn to sail like a pro. [learn more]
  • Disc Golf: Enjoy a round of Frisbee golf. [learn more]
  • Model Rocketry: Build and launch your rockets. [learn more]
  • Voyageur Canoe Trip: A 3-day backcountry adventure. [learn more]

Expert Guidance: Instructions are led by team members who are passionate about their craft. They’ll guide your campers, share their knowledge, and inspire confidence.

Keepsakes to Remember: Each Instruction package includes a special souvenir or memento. It’s a tangible reminder of this incredible experience at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

Afternoon: Instructions take place during the Afternoon Choice Activities timeslot. By adding an Instruction to your camper’s experience, you choose for them to do that option rather than an Afternoon Choice Activity. Most Instructions take place over five afternoons while others such as Disc Golf are over three days. In those cases, your child will join in with the regular Afternoon Choice Activities on the other two days. 

Get Started: Level Up Your Child’s Experience Today!

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Got questions? Reach out to our team at 705-385-2629 or email info@miniyowe.com