Transformational Summer: Ella’s Journey from Nottingham to Muskoka

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If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to step out of your comfort zone, fly thousands of miles from home, and experience being on the team at Camp Mini-Yo-We, just ask Ella Gregson from Nottingham, UK. This past summer, she took the plunge and immersed herself in the beauty of Muskoka, Canada. What she found was nothing short of transformative.

Ella’s Camp Experience

“I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity Camp Mini-Yo-We provided me this summer. It wasn’t just about finding a summer job; it was about personal growth and spiritual discovery. My time here moulded me into a more confident individual, reviving my faith and teaching me the true power of prayer.”

Ella wasn’t just impacted on a personal level. The experience ignited her passion for children’s ministry, inspiring her to take what she learned back home: “As I return to my university church, I’m now driven to assist with the kids’ groups, bringing with me the energy and passion I felt here.”

Friendships Across Borders

One of the treasures Ella took back with her is the bond she formed with fellow campmates, especially her friends from the UK. “We’re already setting dates for Christmas meetups and planning our Zoom catch-ups! It’s astounding how such short moments can lead to lasting friendships.

Living and Leading with Purpose

But what truly resonated with Ella was the sense of purpose at Camp Mini-Yo-We. The power of leadership and influence became evident when a young camper approached her after the thrilling Skyline triple zipline adventure. With sparkling eyes, the camper shared her experience of praying for courage before taking the plunge. “Hearing her story was a touching reminder that even the simplest prayers can be answered. Our role as leaders…[is to] make lasting impressions.”

Ella was also deeply inspired by the leaders she had the privilege of serving alongside. “I am continually amazed at how young leaders can inspire even someone like me, at 22. Their dedication, enthusiasm, and embodiment of Jesus-like leadership assure me that they’re destined for greatness.”

Farewell But Not Goodbye

As Ella embarked on her 10-day adventure across Canada after her summer serving on the team at Camp Mini-Yo-We, she carried with her the memories, lessons, and friendships from Camp Mini-Yo-We. “Whether I return next summer or perhaps for an internship in the future, Mary Lake will always be etched in my heart.

Join the Adventure: Camp Mini-Yo-We Awaits!

After reading about Ella’s transformative experience and the benefits young leaders gain from serving at Camp Mini-Yo-We, are you ready to make Summer 2024 truly unforgettable? Here’s your call to action:

For every aspiring young leader out there: Camp Mini-Yo-We isn’t just another summer job. It’s an opportunity to grow in faith, cultivate leadership skills, boost your resilience, and connect with nature in the heart of Muskoka. Plus, yes, it’s a real job with genuine responsibilities, excellent training, and actual pay!

For parents, mentors, and guardians: Inspire your young leaders to take this plunge. Nudge them away from mundane summer gigs and towards an experience that promises not just professional growth but personal transformation.

Here’s how to embark on your own journey:

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Don’t let this opportunity slip by. See you in Muskoka in Summer 2024!