Investing in Leaders: The Transformative Impact of Supporting Cabin Leaders & Activity Leaders at Camp Mini-Yo-We

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Camp Mini-Yo-We’s Cabin Leaders and Activity Leaders are the heart and soul of the camp experience. They are more than just staff members – they are the mentors of tomorrow. Their impact resonates far beyond the fleeting summer months. Their legacy is etched in the hearts and minds of every camper they inspire.

The Pivotal Roles of Cabin Leaders & Activity Leaders

These young leaders are guiding lights for our campers. They instill core values, ignite passions and nurture personal growth. Day in and day out, they stand by our campers’ sides, ensuring a safe, enriching and enjoyable experience. They are the bedrock upon which Mini-Yo-We is built.

Cabin Leaders have the most direct impact on our campers. Their role goes beyond mere supervision; they are caretakers, storytellers and role models. From leading cabin devotions to acting in campfire skits to dressing up for games, Cabin Leaders are at the forefront of creating memories that last a lifetime.

Activity Leaders, on the other hand, are experts in adventure. They create memorable learning experiences by facilitating land and water activities. Their days are filled with enthusiastically teaching new skills, managing equipment and ensuring campers find joy and excitement in every activity.

Increasing Compensation for These Heroes

Recognizing the importance of these young leaders, we’ve been increasing their compensation over the last few years. Did you know the Ontario Employment Standards Act provides a special provision for overnight camps like Mini-Yo-We? The government recognizes that in our industry, there are more forms of compensation than just financial. While we firmly believe that to be true, we also want to ensure that we provide a healthy upward pressure on the financial compensation for our summer staff.

In 2019, we paid our Cabin Leaders and Activity Leaders $50 a week. Fast forward to 2024 and that figure has soared to $210. This isn’t merely a pay raise – it’s an acknowledgment of their invaluable role in our community.

In an industry grappling with staff shortages, as highlighted by a 2023 study revealing that 82% of organizations in the hospitality sector faced severe staffing challenges [ref], Camp Mini-Yo-We stands out. Our aggressive pay increases have not only bolstered our staff team but have also enhanced the quality and diversity of our leaders. We’ve launched out of the pandemic with a stronger summer staff than before! We’re thankful for the young people who choose to serve with us and the donors who help with our efforts to support and develop young staff.

Behind the Scenes: Crafting Tomorrow’s Leaders

What does it take to be a leader at Mini-Yo-We? It’s a unique blend of rigorous training, innate passion, an unwavering commitment to youth development and active faith in Jesus. Investing in these leaders is investing in our future. It is about offering our campers role models of the highest calibre: individuals who embody leadership, kindness and faith. These increases in compensation have had a tangible impact. We’ve seen a measurable increase in the average age of our summer staff, reflecting a more mature and experienced team. Furthermore, this change has brought about a richer diversity of staff members, enhancing our community and ability to serve campers effectively.

Your Contribution: A Catalyst for Change

Today, we invite you to join us in this mission of developing tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Your contribution lights the path for countless campers, shaping their journey at Camp Mini-Yo-We and beyond. The echoes of laughter, the stories shared around the campfire, the bonds forged – they all start with the dedication and commitment of our leaders. By supporting our Cabin Leaders and Activity Leaders, you’re nurturing a circle of inspiration and leadership that surrounds our campers.

As we look towards the future, your support becomes crucial in continuing this legacy of excellence and growth. Your gift today ensures that next summer and many more to come will be transformative for both our staff and campers. It’s an investment in a future where leadership, community and faith are cultivated in the fertile grounds of Camp Mini-Yo-We.

Unlock Potential and Inspire Change With Your Year-End Gift to Camp Mini-Yo-We

Every contribution to our Christmas Campaign releases a wave of positive changes – from rejuvenating our canoe tripping program to enabling a crucial pay raise for our Cabin Leaders and Activity Leaders to revitalizing Bunkie Row for our adult volunteers. Your support does more than just fund projects; it ignites growth, learning and community enrichment. By giving before December 31, you’re activating a series of events that will deeply impact the lives of our campers and staff.

Help turn these visions into reality and be a catalyst for enduring change. Visit today and be the key that unlocks a future filled with adventure, leadership and faith at Camp Mini-Yo-We