Do You Ever Wonder if Anyone Reads Your Feedback?

Mike ReimerBlog

If you’re like me, you have a high doubt factor when filling out feedback forms. I know they say you can be entered in a draw for $1,000 but I have never heard of someone winning. While Camp Mini-Yo-We doesn’t promise the chance at a prize, we really do read and make changes based on the feedback you give us. 

At the end of each week in the summer, we ask parents to fill out a feedback form. Twice every week, we ask campers to give us feedback on both the program and the food. We take all of that information, look for trends and reach out to parents to get more details. Then we continually improve our program, systems, food and the overall camp experience. 

Here are 3 changes we’ve made due to your feedback:

  • Feedback About MealsEach year, we compile a list of the most popular and least popular meals, and change our menus accordingly for the next summer. Don’t worry, special donuts are very safe!
  • Feedback About StaffOne of our main values is developing young leaders. Your feedback is part of that! For example, as we interact with families on opening and closing days, we hear about campers’ and parents’ experiences with our leaders. As a result, this summer we added a session during our staff training to improve drop off and pick up using parents’ perspectives. 
  • Feedback About Activities During the Covid break, we shifted our focus on activities to a try-it-all approach. This was really well liked during the last couple of summers. We did hear from some parents and campers that they missed the opportunity to build their skills in things like sailing, theatre arts, and wakeboarding. This summer, we are reintroducing Instructions back into the programs at Boys Camp and Girls Camp. Everyone will still get to do our Core 10 activities in the mornings. Then campers can choose their favorites to do in the afternoons or sign up in advance for our premium Instructions. To find out more about our Core 10 activities, check out our webpages for Boys Camp, Girls Camp and Discovery Camp. We also have a page dedicated to our new premium Instructions for campers ages 10-15.

So, the next time you find yourself filling out a survey for us, you can feel confident that we are not only reading them, but using your opinions to shape our program and train our staff as we continue to make your summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We the best one yet!