Prayer Updates from Mary Lake: Camp Mini-Yo-We Summer Reflection

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Summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We is a time of growth, transformation, and joy. As the season wraps up, it’s essential to take a moment to reflect upon our journey, particularly the heartfelt prayers and profound gratitude that were lifted up by our prayer team. You might not have known about it, but we had a faithful group who prayed for our campers, staff and volunteers all summer long!

At Mini-Yo-We, we nurture an active relationship with Jesus through prayer. Leaders aren’t islands: the most influential ones recognize their dependence on a power greater than themselves. We teach them to turn to prayer as a first response, not a last resort, which fosters a deep, intimate connection with God that guides their decision-making and their actions as leaders. Talking to Jesus has been part of what shapes leaders at Camp for nearly 80 years. In fact, it’s one of six pillars of leadership development at Mini-Yo-We. You can read more about prayer in this blog post from before the summer.

Each prayer, whether for guidance, provision, or thanksgiving, has been a testimony to the deep faith and commitment of our community. Here’s a glimpse of what we poured out our hearts for and some of the ways we saw God at work in our ministry:

Celebrating Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our young leaders are the pulse of Camp Mini-Yo-We. Their passion and commitment give life to the experiences and memories cherished by our campers. Throughout the summer, our prayers have consistently been for their strength, wisdom, and continued inspiration.

The High-Five system on our all-staff WhatsApp group was a beautiful reflection of how we uphold and celebrate our values, ensuring that every member’s efforts—big or small—are recognized.

Financial Stewardship & Trust in God’s Provision

Financial health is vital for our ongoing ministry. We’ve been grateful for the generous support, especially from parents who see immense value in our Camp experience. (Over two-thirds of 2024 camper spots are already SOLD OUT!) However, with blessings come challenges, prompting us to trust God’s provision.

The pressing financial need for the Girls Camp public washroom project stood out, reminding us of the balance between gratitude for what we’ve received and ongoing faith in what’s to come. We are still looking to raise $100,000 toward this project before October 1, 2023.

Stories of Faith & Personal Transformation

Every summer, we hear beautiful stories of faith blossoming and lives being transformed. These are not just individual journeys but shared experiences that ripple through our community and strengthen our collective faith.

A camper’s newfound desire to know God more deeply was not just her story—it became a testament to the transformative power of faith and the influential role our leaders play in guiding these spiritual journeys.

Transitioning with Gratitude & Hope

The end of summer does not mark the end of our mission. Our leaders, from the dedicated Fall Crew to our enthusiastic interns, ensure continuity in our purpose. These transitions symbolize the enduring nature of our ministry.

The Coffee Tour reflected our dedication to our young leaders beyond the summer. By reaching out and supporting university-aged staff, we strived to ensure that faith is an anchor in their lives amidst new challenges.

Join Us in Prayer Every Evening at 19:46

At the heart of Camp Mini-Yo-We lies a belief that goes beyond the campfires, laughter, and lakeside activities—the belief in the collective power of prayer. It’s a force that binds our community and renews our spirits. As the sun sets each evening, we invite you to pause wherever you are at 7:46pm (19:46 … our founding year) and join us in unified prayer for our camp, its leaders, and every young soul that steps onto our grounds.

When you commit to praying, we will share the heartbeats, stories, and specific needs of Camp Mini-Yo-We. Approximately monthly, you can expect quick prayer updates to keep you connected and informed, ensuring your prayers are aligned with our beloved camp’s pressing needs and celebrations.

Become part of this incredible movement! Your prayers, combined with those of many others, have the potential to create waves of positive change and grace.

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