What Employers Say About Young People Who Work at Mini-Yo-We!

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Are you considering serving at Camp Mini-Yo-We this summer?

Or are you perhaps a parent contemplating whether it is “worth” allowing your young person to work at Mini-Yo-We this summer? 

Camp Mini-Yo-We’s mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. At the heart of this mission are young leaders who have chosen to be a part of our team. For decades, those who have served as summer staff members have stated that it is a transformative experience. 

Put simply, when you choose to be part of our team, you will grow as a person!

We have written about this in past articles:

Do not just take our word for it! We have consistently heard from employers that they are more likely to hire a prospective employee who has served on Camp Mini-Yo-We’s team. We frequently hear how the training we provide for young people in our team makes them better members of other teams in the future! 

We talked with some employers regarding what they think about young people who have served at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Check out a few of their comments.

“Mini-Yo-We is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! There’s a window in your life that, if you can intentionally choose to be there and develop yourself, not only with your skills but also with your spirit and with your faith life, you will never, ever regret it.” 

    – Eleanor Wright, Therapist, The Delton Glebe Counseling Center

“Summer camp teaches your kids perhaps more than they’ll get in any other setting. I would say seriously consider working at Camp Mini-Yo-We; I think it will be something you will carry with you into school. I think it will give you life skills. I think you will look back on it as a formative time in your life.” 

    – Sue Car, Executive Director, 541 Eatery Exchange

“I look back on the things I learned at Mini-Yo-We, I couldn’t have got that from any other role. I think it’s for sure helped me in my career, as I’ve had to work with other people.” 

    – Andy Montgomery, Vice President and Portfolio Manager, RBC Dominion Securities

“Camp Mini-Yo-We especially really helped to invest in me while I was working there at camp. Each summer, they really gave me a lot of opportunities to step up and be a leader and to go forward with ideas that I had or encouraged me to do the best that I could in every single circumstance.“ 

    –  Bryanna Elliott, Cardiac Intensive Care Registered Nurse 

Communication and problem-solving skills are huge skills that employers are looking for. When a young person on a resume can point to specific ways in which those things have been developed, then it sets them up for significant success within the workforce. Working at Mini-Yo-We will develop you like no other situation in your life. You’ll learn a whole lot more at Camp than you will flipping burgers!” 

    – John Wright, President of Leadership Development, Eagle’s Flight

Applications are now open. We are ready to help you or your young person work through the details to join our team for next summer. 

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