5 Reasons Serving at Camp is Better than a Burger Joint

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For over 70 summers, young leaders have been coming to serve at Camp Mini-Yo-We. In fact, being a part of our summer staff team is at the core of what we “do”. Most of our alumni reveal the fact that serving at Mini-Yo-We had been an integral of their development. However, we still hear stories of people preferring to work at a local burger joint instead of serving with us. Here are the five reasons why choosing to serve on the summer staff team at Camp Mini-Yo-We is way better than working at a local burger joint:

  • Focused Leadership Development // By working at a burger joint you learn to make burgers and fries. However, young people who choose to serve at Mini-Yo-We become part of a leadership development program that presents new challenges every year you come to Camp. You start as a leader in training and are equipped for 5 weeks. Once ready to serve as a cabin leader, you are provided with on the job support to help you lead a small group of people. After a few years of doing that you might get an opportunity to lead your peers as a part of our program team. At each phase of the staff journey we provide training and experience that incrementally enhances you. So much better than learning how to flip burgers!
  • Amazing Friends // You are the average of your five closest friends. The people you choose as friends are a powerful influence on your development. The groups of people who choose to serve at Mini-Yo-We are the type of friends you want in your life. Many alumni talk about the group of friends they formed while serving at Camp being their closest friends. Your fellow teammates at Mini-Yo-We orient their lives to serving people. They share faith and strive to make a difference to the world. These are the people you want as your closest friends. You join a community of amazing young leaders when you choose to be on the team.
  • Faith Stretching Experiences // Serving on our team will challenge and grow your faith in some real ways. You’ll have a chance to pray with your fellow teammates and see how God answers your prayers. One of our campers will ask you about your faith and you’ll have the privilege of explaining it to them. You’ll have a chance to work alongside other Christ followers from different churches and hear how their convictions about faith differ from yours while at the same time noticing the common aspects of your faith. Trust me, you won’t get any of this flipping burgers!
  • Money Saving // Working at a burger joint will cost you more money than serving at the Camp. We provide you with room and board plus the compensation based on your role with us. Your financial future isn’t just about what you make but it’s also about what you save. Ask your parents how much it costs them to feed you for a month. Then let them know that they do not have to spend that when you are serving with Mini-Yo-We. By serving with us you won’t be tempted to head out in the evenings after work and go to the movies or something else with your money. Hence, by making wise choices during the summer, it is possible to save more money than if you would have worked at a burger joint.
  • Life Changing Adventures // The bottom line is that the choice of serving at Camp Mini-Yo-We is a life-changing adventure in the God’s creation where you develop as a leader. Whether it’s leading a canoe trip through some of the most amazing lakes and rivers in the world or talking with your campers while watching the sunset together or teaching one of our dozens of skills in our beautiful facility,  it is all designed to be an adventure for you and our campers. This adventure has been used to develop some incredible leaders. Will you be next?

Are you ready to join our team of friends and make a difference in the lives of our campers? Are you bored just thinking about what it would be like to flip burgers for a summer?  Have you wanted to grow as a leader but weren’t sure what to do next? Click here and reach out to our team to find out more about serving on our summer staff team!

We look forward to having you on our team this summer!

Rich Birch
Executive Director