Three Ways We are Improving Camp Mini-Yo-We’s Leaders in Training Program for 2019

Rich Birch Blog

Our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. At the core of this mission are our Leadership Development Pathway Programs. This four-step process turns campers into leaders at Mini-Yo-We and then ultimately launches them into roles as lifelong leaders who are transforming communities all over the world. These pathway programs include: Enterprise …

4 Reasons Why October 15th is a Big Deal at Camp Mini-Yo-We

Rich Birch Blog

Our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life changing adventures in God’s creation. These programs are at the very heart of what we do at Camp, which is to work with young leaders to see them develop and grow.

The Funniest Question We Hear from Our Summer Camp Parents

Rich Birch Blog

Another summer season has come to a close! It was an amazing summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We, and we hosted more individual campers than ever before. We love the families who make the pilgrimage to Mary Lake every summer to send their kids to Mini-Yo-We! It is an honour that so many families trust us to care for their children during …

Why would I register for Summer 2019 at Camp Mini-Yo-We in June 2018?

Rich Birch Blog

Did you hear the news? Camp Mini-Yo-We is already taking registrations for the summer of 2019, and it’s still only June 2018! What?! That is so strange! Why would any parent want to register for next summer before their kid has even experienced Camp this summer? We know that there are a number of families who love to plan in …

5 Secrets Camp Mini-Yo-We Parents Know (And We’re Happy to Share!)

Rich Birch Blog

Every spring, Mini-Yo-We hosts a special Open House on the last Sunday in May. This year’s event was a smashing success! The weather was amazing, as it is every summer at Camp! Our team loved hosting the many families from across Ontario who wanted to check out Camp before the summer gets started. I personally love days like this because …

5 Changes We Made for Summer 2018 Based on Feedback We Received Last Year

Rich Birch Blog

Every summer we ask our campers and their parents for feedback on their Mini-Yo-We experience. If we’re honest, most of the feedback is over-the-top positive. (Which we love to hear!) However, we do listen closely for subtle trends in the feedback to help us better serve  families attending Camp. Below are a few examples of the sort of feedback we’ve …

5 New 2018 Adventures at Camp Mini-Yo-We

Spencer Tamming Blog

Our 72nd summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We is going to be epic! Our team has been hard at work all winter to make some fun upgrades to our camper experience so your kids will love Mini-Yo-We even more! Check out these fun highlights of five new adventures we’re rolling out this summer for our guests. Mini-Yo-We Skyline – Triple Zipline! // …