Top 5 Reasons To Join Mini-Yo-We’s Sunday Crew

Becca SjongerBlog


We love our Sunday Crew! On opening days, these friends of Mini-Yo-We pitch in with the BBQ lunch and help our staff team welcome campers and their families. With the support of these adult volunteers, we provide a high-quality experience as we kick off each week of the summer. But what motivates them to serve at Camp in this way? Here are some of the top reasons they gave us!

1. Making Great First Impressions

For Tony the best part of serving on Sundays is “the interactions with the parents and children as they arrive at Camp. There’s a wonderful feeling of anticipation and excitement for the week to come.” Mini-Yo-We’s goal is to provide a smooth, welcoming arrival for campers. Sunday Crew volunteers are on the frontlines greeting people in the parking lots and directing them around the property. They set a positive tone—and join in the campers’ enthusiasm for the adventures ahead!

2. Lightening the Load

There is a lot going on at Camp on opening days! When Sunday Crew members help with lunch prep or transport campers’ luggage to their cabins, it frees up our staff team to focus on their roles. Amy volunteered multiple Sundays last summer and noted that “helping with practical tasks for just a few hours on opening day is one way we can show our support to the summer staff who do so much to love, encourage, care for and entertain the campers all week long.” She added, “Since my kids are both on staff, it means a lot to be a small part of what they are doing. Even though they are busy elsewhere on property, there is something wonderful about serving there at the same time for an afternoon.”

3. Seeing Old Friends

Many members of our Sunday Crew are former campers and staff themselves. They enjoy seeing the familiar faces of returning families and volunteers. “I like the fellowship around the burger pit and greeting parents,” Grant explained. Serving with the BBQ team is particularly popular with those who live nearby or have cottages. They catch up as they work together to prepare lunch for staff and changeover campers. Our bustling parking areas are also great for spotting old friends! Tim often arrives early to help with the BBQ, then sticks around to lend a hand where needed. This gives him the chance to connect with fellow alumni dropping off their kids at Camp.

4. Helping for the Day

Can’t volunteer for an entire week? Serving on just Sunday is incredibly helpful to our ministry. Kevin and Linda are some of our most faithful weekend volunteers. They prove that being at Camp for a day or two can still have a big impact! They shared: “We enjoyed coming up as a couple and helping serve at camp where needed…The more we are involved, the more we see how this camp shows the love of Christ. We see this in the leadership team, all the young adults who are helping and giving up so much of their time…Many times, we asked the campers if they have been at camp before and most of them said yes with a big smile. That is the best part of serving on Sundays.” Volunteering for a day is a great way to be part of Mini-Yo-We’s community!

5. Supporting Our Ministry

Since 1946, we have developed tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Being on Sunday Crew furthers Camp’s mission. Tony reflects, “As a Jesus follower and retiree, I believe it’s important to have purpose in life. As much as I enjoy golfing it’s not exactly fulfilling. Helping out on a summer weekend brings me much joy knowing that in some small way I’m helping to build the young believers of tomorrow.” Alumni often show their support for our ministry by serving the next generation. “Being part of the opening day crew is a fun way to give back to a place that has given our family so much over the years,” says Amy.

Join the Crew!

We’re recruiting for our 2024 Sunday Crew! Opening days are every Sunday from July 7 to August 25. Sign up for one or more Sundays—and invite your Camp friends to join you! For more information, email or call 705-385-2629. We hope to see you at Mini-Yo-We this summer.