Relay of Resilience: Brent Run 2024

Rich BirchBlog

Building on last year’s remarkable journey, Brent Run 2024 is doubling the distance in a 324-kilometer testament to endurance, teamwork and the spirit of giving. Two families, bound by their dedication to Camp Mini-Yo-We, are preparing to undertake a relay of resilience and hope.

Last year, the Brent Run captured the hearts and imaginations of our Camp Mini-Yo-We community and beyond. Andy and Connor Montgomery faced the wilderness with courage and a cedar-strip canoe, navigating the 162 kilometers from Canoe Lake to Brent and back. The journey tested their determination—most notably due to a waterlogged canoe. However, their spirits remained unbroken and they raised over $100,000, allowing over 100 kids in need to experience Camp Mini-Yo-We. 

Brent Run 2024 expands on that foundation of adventure and altruism. The challenge doubles this summer with two back-to-back endurance canoe trips. Andy and Connor will once again brave the waters of Algonquin Park, followed this time by Spencer and Lauren Tamming, siblings and seasoned Mini-Yo-We alumni, who will tackle their own 162-kilometer journey. 

They’ll follow a path through nature’s untamed beauty, driven by the shared goal of raising funds to help send kids in need to Camp Mini-Yo-We. It is not about repeating a journey; instead, it’s about expanding its impact, testing new limits and strengthening our community bonds.

Months in the Making

The Brent Run is an endeavour months in the making, involving meticulous planning and intense physical training. Each participant knows the gruelling challenges ahead: navigating unpredictable waters, enduring long portages, and facing the backwoods of Algonquin Park. Their journey in mid-July is a test of physical limits as well as a profound commitment to a cause that reaches beyond themselves.

The Relay of Hope

Imagine the scene at Canoe Lake, the historic starting point where echoes of past adventurers linger. Here, amid cheers and heartfelt greetings, Andy and Connor Montgomery will complete their 162-kilometer leg. In a gesture that symbolizes a shared purpose and community, they will pass the canoe to Spencer and Lauren Tamming who will embark on their trip.

Why do they embark on this arduous journey? The answer lies in the lives of children who are transformed by summers spent at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Each paddle stroke through Algonquin’s waters is a step towards unlocking opportunities for kids. The goal is clear: raise $100,000 to send kids to Camp to explore, learn and grow in a nurturing environment.

100% of donations given to Brent Run 2024 will go directly towards sending kids in need to Camp Mini-Yo-We this summer. Your generous support of this endurance challenge will unlock the opportunity for families who couldn’t otherwise afford everything that a week at Mini-Yo-We offers! 

A Call to Action

This adventure is monumental—in its physical scope and in its potential to change lives. This isn’t a journey our paddlers can complete alone. They need your support, your shares and your contributions. As they push through the currents, let your generosity flow to meet them, helping to ensure that no child misses the chance to discover their potential at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

Join us in this cause. Spread the word, contribute to the fund and be part of a story that extends far beyond the waters of Algonquin Park. Together, we can make Brent Run 2024 a beacon of hope and an example of what can be achieved when we pull together for the greater good.

Donate today and help us turn the tide in favour of futures filled with promise and adventure. Your support makes all the difference.