Will you join us as we double the adventure and the impact in this year's Brent Run?

Support two teams as they embark on a 324-kilometer endurance canoe trip challenge through Algonquin Park to send kids in need to Camp Mini-Yo-We.

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What & When

This year, we are taking the spirit of adventure and community to new heights! Andy and Connor Montgomery will return, bringing the same relentless spirit to a new challenge. Joining them are Spencer and Lauren Tamming, a brother-sister duo who embody the values of leadership and dedication we cherish at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Together, these teams will navigate the waters from Canoe Lake to Brent and back, each completing a 162-kilometer journey The “baton pass” at Canoe Lake will symbolize our collective efforts to support a greater cause.

Our goal is for the entirity of both trips to happen between July 19-23. We will keep our community updated as the date approaches as weather and other conditions may impact the departure date.



Why Support Brent Run 2024?

Your involvement in Brent Run 2024 means more than cheering for extreme endurance. It's about opening doors for children who can benefit profoundly from a summer filled with growth, learning and adventure at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Our goal this year is ambitious: raise $100,000 to fund Camp experiences for kids in need. Every stroke, every portage and every moment of this journey is dedicated to them.

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The Journey Is Set; The Canoe Is Ready!

Preparation for this monumental event is in full swing, with participants training rigorously to meet the demands of the wild Algonquin waters. Brent Run 2024 will take place in mid-July with the Montgomerys and Tammings pushing physical and mental boundaries for a noble cause.

New for 2024: Our Brent Run teams will use a brand new canoe! This dedicated canoe will be the “baton” that one Brent Run team passes to the next!


Who Is Paddling in This Year's Brent Run?

The Montgomery Family: Andy & Connor

Returning to the waters with seasoned determination, Andy and Connor Montgomery are ready to face the Brent Run once again. Last year, they navigated numerous challenges, including a memorable episode with a waterlogged canoe, but they remained undaunted. Andy, a wealth advisor and portfolio manager, combines his professional acumen with a passion for the great outdoors. Connor, now further along in his studies in civil engineering at Queen’s University, brings youthful vigour and a growing expertise in environmental and structural challenges. Together, they embody experience and endurance, driven by a shared commitment to the values of Camp Mini-Yo-We and a love for adventure in nature.


The Tamming Family: Spencer & Lauren

New to the Brent Run but no strangers to Camp Mini-Yo-We, Spencer and Lauren Tamming bring fresh energy and familial synergy to this year's challenge. Spencer, our Operations Director, has a detailed eye for logistics and a heart for community service. He ensures every aspect of Camp’s operations aligns with its mission to impact young lives positively. Lauren, a teacher and dedicated volunteer, merges her educational insights with a compassionate approach to youth development. Her experience in creating supportive and enriching learning environments makes her an asset to the team and the broader Camp community. As siblings, Spencer and Lauren share a lifelong bond and understanding that will be crucial as they face the Brent Run. Their participation not only strengthens the familial aspect of this endeavour but also amplifies the spirit of collaboration and mutual support.


Be Part of Something Bigger!


Every dollar brings a child closer to nature, friendship and personal development at Camp Mini-Yo-We.


Spread the word about Brent Run 2024! The more people know about it, the greater our reach and impact.


Follow the live updates, cheer on our teams and see the difference your support makes.

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GOAL: $100,000 to Send Kids in Need to Camp!

Join us as we paddle forward in this relay of resilience. Your support doesn't just help us reach the finish line—it transforms lives. Donate today to bring joy and invaluable experiences to children who need them the most.

Together, let's make Brent Run 2024 a landmark event for community, courage and change!

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