Other Kids Are Coming to Camp Mini-Yo-We for FREE! Do You Know the Secret?

Rich BirchBlog

There is only one thing better than going to Camp Mini-Yo-We for a week in the summer and that’s going for a second week for FREE!

Here’s the secret…

We revamped our camper referral program for the summer of 2019 to make it easier than ever for your kids to come to Mini-Yo-We for free. We’ve released this program to our community and have already given away 7 free weeks at this point!!! That’s seven campers that are coming to Mini-Yo-We for free just by inviting their friends to come with them!

It’s really simple: Get a FREE WEEK when you refer three new campers to Mini-Yo-We  and they register for summer camp! Bring three and you come FREE!

But it’s even better than that! We’ve added a bunch of other perks to our referral program as well, including:

  • Your referred friends that come to Camp get $10 in FREE Tuck! Sweet!
  • If you refer one friend, you’re entered in a draw for a free week of Camp.
  • If you refer two friends, you get a free Mini-Yo-We mug!
  • When you refer three friends, you get an additional week at Camp for FREE.

It’s really easy. Here’s how we do it…

We’ve made a custom code for each of our camper families for this summer and already emailed yours to you. Simply pass along that code to your friends for them to use when they register. They use the code, and we automatically track it on our end.

We have even launched a website with all the information you need about the referral program. On this page you’ll find everything you need including:

  • Pre-written emails to send to your friends
  • Access to custom graphics for posts on social media
  • FAQs about the referral program
  • And a few other surprises!

Camp is better with friends. Bring yours with you this summer! 

What are you waiting for?! Now is the perfect time to invite friends to come with your kids to Mini-Yo-We this summer. Parents choose Camp Mini-Yo-We because trusted friends like you invite them to to join our community. Who can you invite today?

Do you have any questions about our “Bring Three, Come Free” referral program? Ask our office! We’re ready to help. Contact us at info@miniyowe.com or by phone at 705-385-2629.