The Power of Living Like Jesus: Unleashing Your Child’s Leadership Potential at Camp Mini-Yo-We

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“Knowledge is not power; it’s only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action and directed to a definite end,” observed Zig Ziglar, the renowned speaker. This potent concept is the bedrock of our “Live Like Jesus” pillar at Camp Mini-Yo-We. At the heart of our mission to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation, we recognize Jesus as the most influential leader in history.

Jesus as Our Role Model

We believe that living like Jesus isn’t merely about understanding His teachings; it’s about making them part of our everyday lives and using them as the guide for all our interactions. Our focus on Jesus arises from His unparalleled influence as a leader and His teachings’ timeless relevance to individuals and communities alike. 

The essence of His leadership—characterized by love, compassion, humility, and a commitment to serving others—profoundly shapes our leadership development philosophy.

Adventure Learning: Practical Growth in So Many Ways! 

The Adventure Learning theory aligns perfectly with our approach to spiritual growth. This theory posits that individuals learn most effectively when they actively engage in experiences, participate in reflections on these experiences, and then apply the insights gained to new situations [ref]. At Camp Mini-Yo-We, we create a vibrant community and a residential experience that provides countless opportunities for this kind of experiential learning.

Camp Mini-Yo-We Distinctives 

Consider the humble act of sharing “family style” meals as we do at Mini-Yo-We. This simple routine becomes a living lesson in fellowship, mirroring Jesus’s own practice of fostering relationships over shared meals (Luke 14:15–24). “Breaking bread” together offers a practical, everyday opportunity to exercise kindness, active listening, and understanding.

Reflection and introspection are vital components of our program at Camp Mini-Yo-We. It’s during these moments of stepping back from the hustle and bustle of our daily activities that campers can truly assimilate and understand the teachings of Jesus. We place great importance on creating an environment that allows for this meaningful reflection.

Our daily Ministry Time in every program serves as a key part of these reflective periods. We dedicate time each day to exploring the life and teachings of Jesus during every one of these periods. This isn’t a passive exercise. Campers are encouraged to ask questions, grapple with the ideas presented, and find their own personal connection to the scriptures. The aim is to make the Bible and its teachings come alive, not as abstract concepts but as practical wisdom that can guide their lives.

As the day draws to a close, campers engage in Devotions, a time for introspection and personal reflection. During these evening sessions, they’re encouraged by their Cabin Leaders to look back on the day’s events, recall the highs and the lows, and contemplate how the teachings they’ve learned apply to these real-life scenarios. It’s an opportunity to see the teachings of Jesus in action during their interactions with others and in the challenges they face. This continual reflection reinforces the relevance of Jesus’s teachings to their daily lives and serves as a daily reminder of the virtues they aspire to embody.

At Camp Mini-Yo-We, we offer a range of programs designed to immerse our campers further into the teachings of Jesus. 

  • In our Enterprise program, for instance, campers engage in collaborative activities and discussions in small mixed-gender groups, fostering an environment where they can live out their faith in diverse and more complex scenarios. This unique setting allows them to see and experience first-hand the applicability of Jesus’s teachings in navigating relationships and teamwork.
  • Our Leaders in Training program takes this a step further by presenting campers with a range of physical and mental challenges, including a four-day canoe trip. These experiences stretch their resilience, perseverance, and ability to work in a team—qualities that Jesus exemplified in His own ministry.
  • For young leaders seeking an even more immersive experience, we offer the Year-Long Internship. This gap-year program provides an extended opportunity for deeper engagement with Jesus’s teachings. Over this period, campers live and breathe the teachings of Jesus. They grapple with their faith, they ponder their life’s direction, and they strive to align their actions more closely with His teachings. As they navigate the challenges and rewards of this year-long journey, they grow in their understanding of what it means to truly live like Jesus.

The Power of Camp Environment

Research by developmental psychologists, such as Angela Duckworth, and educational theorists, such as those advocating for Adventure Learning, supports the value of immersive environments like summer camps in promoting personal growth and fostering resilience [ref].

Such settings empower your camper to persevere, keep their faith strong amidst doubts and trials, and live as Jesus did. Parents can be reassured that their child’s journey to live like Jesus at Camp Mini-Yo-We is a transformative experience, carefully designed to nurture the growth of well-rounded, compassionate leaders who’ll make a positive impact in their communities. Regardless of your child’s spiritual background, they’ll be welcome to explore these truths for themselves! We’re honoured to welcome people from a wide variety of backgrounds to Camp Mini-Yo-We. Our mission extends beyond providing memorable summer experiences. We’re committed to shaping individuals into leaders who embody Jesus’s teachings, embrace His values, and influence their communities positively. In doing so, we aim to raise a generation of leaders who’ll not just learn about Jesus but will also live like Jesus—embodying His love and grace in their actions and becoming a beacon of His love in the world.