Discovering Jesus: A Journey of Faith at Camp Mini-Yo-We This Summer

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Our mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation, and we do this by focusing on our six pillars of leadership development. The first of those pillars is “Learn About Jesus.”

At Camp Mini-Yo-We, we believe that truly impactful leaders must know about the greatest leader in history: Jesus. We encourage our campers to delve into Scripture, fostering an active and engaged understanding of His life, His teachings, and His impact on our lives. Through Bible study, discussion groups, and personal reflection, the life of Jesus becomes an accessible and relatable model for our young leaders. We realize that not every family regularly attends church, and we’re so glad that you’re with us! (Almost half of the families who participate at Mini-Yo-We don’t regularly attend any church!) Regardless of your religious background, we are excited to share how one of our crucial pillars, “Learn About Jesus,” will be brought to life this summer in a relatable, accessible, and meaningful way.

Watch this quick video to learn more about what it means for Camp Mini-Yo-We to be a Christian camp! 

Embarking on a Journey of Learning

Every day at Camp Mini-Yo-We, we inspire our campers to actively engage with the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Regardless of their prior exposure to the Bible, we make the stories and lessons engaging, applicable, and memorable for your child. Daily campers get a chance to hear a part of Jesus’s teachings presented in a compelling and age-appropriate manner. During these ministry times, we also sing fun songs that reinforce the messages we’re teaching. Below is a look at how we’ll incorporate this into your child’s experience at Mini-Yo-We this summer. 

A Dynamic Week With Jesus

We’ve planned our ministry times for this summer to ensure your child will learn more about Jesus. We do genuinely believe that following Jesus makes for the best life! We’ve chosen specific Scripture passages that help deepen understanding of Jesus and his teachings:

Monday – Listening to Jesus

Scripture – Matthew 7: 24–29 (Rock and Sand)

This passage tells the story of two builders, one wise and one foolish. The wise one builds his house on rock (which represents Jesus’s teachings), while the foolish one builds his house on sand. This story emphasizes the importance of not just hearing Jesus’s words but truly understanding and applying the lessons in our lives.

Tuesday – Believing in Jesus

Scripture – Matthew 16: 13–20 (Who Do You Say I Am?)

In this passage, Jesus asks his disciples who they think he is, and Peter recognizes Jesus as the Messiah. This reinforces the importance of personally acknowledging Jesus as our Savior.

Wednesday – Loving Like Jesus

Scripture – John 21: 15–25 (Jesus Reinstates Peter)

This text features Jesus asking Peter three times if he loves Him, paralleling Peter’s denial of Jesus in an earlier passage. It serves as a reminder of the kind of unconditional love Jesus calls us to embody.

Thursday – Sharing Jesus’s Message

Scripture – Acts 2 (The Coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost)

This passage demonstrates the Holy Spirit filling the disciples, after which they began to share what Jesus had done for them. This emphasizes the importance of sharing the good news about Jesus with others.

Friday – Following Jesus

Scripture – Acts 17: 16–34 (Paul in Athens)

This section shows how, despite being in a city full of idols, Paul speaks about the (at the time) unknown God – the one who created the universe. It encourages us to be bold and follow Jesus no matter what.

Our Commitment to Your Child’s Growth

Our intention is to weave spiritual insights throughout all camp experiences, promoting a holistic integration of Jesus’s teachings into campers’ daily lives. We believe this approach will allow your child to enjoy a memorable summer filled with outdoor adventures, new friendships, and meaningful spiritual growth.

Invitation to Explore Further

“Learn About Jesus” is only one of our six leadership pillars, and we invite you to explore the other five to gain a complete understanding of our leadership philosophy at Camp Mini-Yo-We. You can learn more about them here! 

After you drop off your kids this summer, you will be given a handout with all the above information on it. Keep this in a handy place while your child is with us so you can follow along with what they are learning. You can also use the handout to ask them questions about what they learned when they get home from camp! 

We’re excited for the summer ahead and look forward to helping your child develop into a strong, compassionate leader who is shaped by the teachings of Jesus.