Activity Leaders & Cabin Leaders: The Heroes of Camp Mini-Yo-We!

Eryn MarchinetzSummer Staff

Eryn Marchinetz followed Camp Mini-Yo-We’s leadership pathway all the way from camper to Site Director. She recently joined our year-round staff team as the Summer Program Development Coordinator.

When I think of Camp Mini-Yo-We as a camper, I remember how cool and welcoming my Cabin Leaders were, as well as how awe-inspiring and talented my archery Activity Leaders were! Even now, when I hear stories from our current and past campers, it is so evident that these leaders play a pivotal role in creating unforgettable memories. Activity Leaders and Cabin Leaders do their best to ensure that every camper has a fun and enjoyable experience. Let’s celebrate the heroes who make Camp Mini-Yo-We an extraordinary place for young adventurers!

Leading Activities

Activity Leaders play a crucial role at Mini-Yo-We, as they deliver high-quality activities for all of our campers. Most of their day is dedicated to teaching new skills, and these leaders ensure that everyone has access to unique learning opportunities. Without Activity Leaders, campers would miss out on experiences like archery, rock climbing, ziplining, and more! These leaders create environments where campers can engage in exciting, safe, and memorable adventures, making their time at Camp truly exceptional.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Micah, also known as “Zest”, has been around Camp for a while and served on our Summer 2023 team as a Water Activity Leader. She will be the Waterfront Director in 2024! When asked about her experience, she had this to say:

“Activity Leaders are a valuable part of Mini-Yo-We because they lead campers in an area that they are enthusiastic about and encourage campers to strengthen their skills or try something new. I think that Camp really benefits from Activity Leaders because they provide campers with an opportunity to meet new staff and learn an activity from someone with specific training in that area. Activity Leaders collaborate with Cabin Leaders and this creates a welcoming community for campers during their daily activities!”

Leading Campers

Cabin Leaders serve on the frontline of camper care, taking on the role of spiritual, emotional, and practical caregivers. They set the tone and establish the culture within their cabin. By providing guidance, support, and creating a nurturing environment, Cabin Leaders help to shape the overall experience for campers, fostering a sense of belonging and creating lasting memories.

Quinn, also known as “Bauer”, served on our Summer 2023 team and is returning to cabin leading this summer. Reflecting on his time in this role, he said:

“Being a Cabin Leader at Camp Mini-Yo-We was one of my favourite summers! You get the opportunity to serve God, make friends, and have a job all in one with an amazing action-packed summer of adventure.”

Your Best Summer Ever

Having had the privilege of working as both a Cabin Leader and an Activity Leader when I was younger, I can confidently say that those summers were easily some of the best of my life. It was an incredible opportunity — I not only learned valuable leadership skills (and super cool archery skills), but also formed lifelong friendships and made so many memories. The combination of personal growth and unforgettable experiences in God’s creation is truly unparalleled. If you are seeking a summer adventure in Muskoka and have a desire to help campers learn new skills and gain independence, then you should totally APPLY TODAY!

We’re Hiring!

Camp Mini-Yo-We has Activity Leader and Cabin Leader openings for this summer, plus a wide variety of other roles. Check out our Summer Staff webpage for detailed job descriptions. Fill out the interest form on that page to get more info or complete an online application to start the hiring process. If you have any questions, get in touch with Anna Temple, our Team Development Coordinator, at or 705-385-2629.