FREE Staff Winter Weekend (March 6-8, 2020)

Camp MYW

Your last chance to register is Wednesday, March 4. Get in your registration today!

Click Here to Sign Up!

We can’t wait to get you up on site, so we’re inviting last year’s staff and prospective staff three months early!

Join us for a great weekend of reconnecting with old friends and building relationships with new team members. We all know that Camp is better with friends! We are looking to you to GROW OUR TEAM by recruiting yours. The registration fee for this weekend is FREE (including the bus ride!) Sign up here!

Here are some great reasons to join us:

1. Connect with Your Camp Friends

I’m sure you are all texting, calling, emailing, faxing, and using whatever means necessary to connect but we know that being together face-to-face is a big deal. Come out and be together.

2. Enjoy Camp in the Winter

Have you ever been to camp in the winter? It’s magical. It’s almost a completely different world and you should come and enjoy it. See Mary Lake frozen, walk to dead man’s island, throw a snowball at Jesse, you can do it all in the winter.

3. Worshipping Together

We often think about the time we get to share in worship as a team. It is a real blessing to be able to worship together and if you are looking for a taste of that experience you will get to this weekend. We are also looking closely at who God made us to be. Come and worship. Come and grow.

4. Help New Recruits Learn to Love Camp

We know that camp is a special place and we want people to come and experience it. To do that, we need you to come and help introduce new people to our community. This is the best reason to join us: you can be the person who encourages another person to spend a summer at Mini-Yo-We.

We want to see you there so sign-up and get your friends to sign-up.


We actually just announced some incentives for applying to join our summer team early and to help you recruit your friends. Let’s just say: exclusive Mini-Yo-We gear, free tuck. Find out more.