3 Reasons to Apply to the 2020 Summer Team (Plus: How to Get Free Tuck)

Camp MYW

Summer is coming and we need your help!

We Want You on Our Team!

We are on the lookout for the next generation of leaders and that means YOU. We are building a team that is ready to serve our campers by enjoying the water, leading activities, sharing Jesus, running games, and giving campers the time of their lives. It’s going to be another incredible summer and we want you to join us. Apply Today!

You will grow as a leader and in your faith!

We cannot imagine a better environment for young leaders to be shaped. Every summer, youth and young adults from across the world join our team and have life-changing experiences. We offer two weeks of training: one to focus in on developing your skills and the other dedicated to your growth as a leader. Once the campers arrive we continue that development with support from our leadership teams, daily devotionals, and Bible study time. We want to see you grow this summer by serving with us.

Free Limited Edition Summer 2020 Merch!

SWAG: stuff we all get! Submit your application by Friday, February 14th and you will receive a sweet (limited edition!) summer 2020 long sleeve tee. Click here to start your application and reach out to a director if you have any questions!

Summer 2020 is closer than you think and we are so excited for what God is going to do in your life and through you this summer.

Join our team today!

Bonus: Who Wants Free Tuck?

Literally everyone. $10 a week! Recruit your friends to work at Camp this summer and we will give you $10 in tuck money for every week they work. There is no limit. $10 a week, for each friend, for every week they work. Plus, you get to do Camp with your friends! Win-win-win.