Let’s Get Packing: Tips & Tricks While Getting Ready!

Camp MYWCountdown to Camp

We can’t wait for the first campers of Summer 2024 to arrive at Mini-Yo-We in just a few days! We want them to have the best experience possible — that’s why we created the Countdown to Camp video series. Plenty of helpful info has been shared in videos and blog posts over the past eight weeks. This is our series wrap-up!

What Should I Bring to Camp?

What to pack is one of the most common questions that parents ask. That’s why we provide detailed packing lists for all of our programs:

In this week’s video, Mini-Yo-We alumni Meg Tamming shares more great ideas. Check out our top ten tips!

1. Help Younger Campers

To make things a little easier for your camper, put together daily outfits (e.g., shirt, shorts, underwear and socks) and pack them in resealable bags labelled with each day of the week. You could pop a note of encouragement or a funny joke to share with cabin mates in the bag, too! If your camper doesn’t read yet, let them know ahead of time that their cabin leader will help them.

2. Pack Light

It’s normal for parents to want to pack for every eventuality. They often plan warmer and cooler weather options for every day, whereas campers choose to wear their favourite pieces repeatedly. (No worries, their cabin leaders will encourage them to change it up!) It’s helpful to involve kids in choosing what they take to Mini-Yo-We, so you don’t end up with a suitcase full of clean clothes at the end of the week.


Lots of kids will have the same shoes, hats and more! Getting clothes mixed up happens, so we highly recommend using a permanent marker to print each camper’s full name on everything possible. There are also many kinds of commercial labels available. You have a much better chance of items making it home again if they’re clearly identifiable.

4. Think Small

Mini-Yo-We has a variety of styles and sizes of cabins for campers. However, no matter which program your kids are in, space is limited. Choose luggage that can slide under a bunk bed and is easy for kids to open and close on their own. Giant, hard-sided suitcases take up a lot of shared floor space, which we like to leave open for campers to move around!

5. Make It Cozy

Campers sleep on twin-sized bunk beds. Send a sleeping bag or single bedding depending on what you have available and your child’s preference. Nights may be cool or hot in Muskoka, so consider including a flat sheet and warm blanket. If you have an older fitted sheet to cover the mattress, that will make sleeping cozier. Be sure to send a pillow! Using their usual pillowcase gives them something familiar away from home.

6. Prepare for Out-Tripping

If your camper is in the LIT, Northwoods or Voyageur programs, they will definitely need a sleeping bag! Be sure to check out the second pages of those lists for super helpful canoe trip gear tips. If you have any questions, please email info@miniyowe.com or call the office at 705-385-2629. Our staff would be happy to help you prepare for these programs!

7. Have Fun with the Theme

We love to dress up and create props that go along with the theme for the week! It’s even better when campers get in on the action. This is completely optional but don’t hesitate to bring a costume, hat or fun item that fits with your theme. It can be as simple as a t-shirt with a rocket on it for the Cosmic Adventures weeks or something sporty for the Olympics weeks.

8 Pack Messier Clothes…

Thinking about buying all-new clothes for your camper? Don’t do it! Send well-worn, comfortable clothing, so they’re ready to jump into fun, messy activities without worrying about what they’re wearing. This goes for shoes, too! Old runners, swimsuits and t-shirts are perfect for Camp.

9. …And Dressier Clothes

Our weekly themes end in a special Friday dinner when campers dress up in nicer clothes. We’re not talking about anything formal or fancy just a step up from the more casual outfits they’ve worn during the week.

10. Leave Your Favourites at Home

With hundreds of kids at Camp each week, we frequently find things that are left behind. We have a lost and found system and we do our best to return items to campers if we can. There are no guarantees, though! Whether it’s a special souvenir hoodie, a high-value item or a cherished stuffed animal, please leave anything that you don’t want to risk losing at home.