What is a Mini-Yo-We Program Theme?

Each week our Program Team goes above and beyond to incorporate a unique theme for our campers. They create silly characters, funny storylines, and awesome activities that all revolve around a central theme. Check out the Summer 2024 themes below!

Costumes & Characters

Our staff team loves to dress up and create props that go along with the weekly theme! Don't hesitate to bring a costume that fits with your theme!

Mini-Yo-We Magic

Program themes are part of what makes Mini-Yo-We so special! Our team has decades of experience creating magical experiences for campers.

Friday = Special Day

We pull out all the stops for the weekly theme finale! Spoiler: This is usually when we defeat the bad guys, solve the mystery and save Camp!

2022 Program Themes!

Keep an eye out for your "Get Excited" camper package two weeks before Camp! If you don't receive it, you can always check out the theme for your week (and all our weeks) down below!



Weeks 1 & 5

Follow three friends exploring in a submarine who hope to find treasure left in a sunken pirate ship long ago. Little do they know that there are sea creatures guarding the treasure! Maybe they are guarding it for a reason...?

Weeks 2 & 6

Mini-Yo-We is hosting the Olympics. Something strange happens the night before the opening ceremony, though. All of the Olympic rings are gone! Junior Camp will compete in fun activities together to try to win back the rings.

Weeks 3 & 7

After adventurers win an epic space race to the Moon, aliens steal parts of their spaceship. You will be a member of the crew trying to take back these parts and fire up the spaceship to blast off and return to Mini-Yo-We.

Week 4

The pages of the librarian's most beloved book have been torn, releasing characters into the library and other books! Over the week, you will help restore the magic of storytelling by repairing the damaged book and reuniting the characters.


Weeks 1 & 5

The Olympics are here and Boys Camp is ready to go for gold! But first, we must show the world that we deserve to be recognized as a nation. Boys Camp has one shot to prove itself in the qualifying boxing match. We will place our hopes in the strong hands of Paddy the Baddy!

Weeks 2 & 6

Mission Control of the Boys Camp Aeronautical Space Agency (BCASA) needs your help to land the first man on Mars. Disaster strikes when the rocket ship breaks down on entry and our astronaut is stranded! We need to find a way to bring him home before his supplies run out. Boys Camp…to infinity and beyond!

Weeks 3 & 7

After surfacing from the depths of Mary Lake, Boys Camp has transformed into the prosperous kingdom of Atlantis, ruled by the good-natured King Aquaman. Under his reign, we have thrived for generations. But the sea monsters are jealous of our magnificent home and plan on taking over! We must defend ourselves and our honour. We must not let the sea monsters ruin Boys Camp!

Week 4

Welcome to the annual cooking competition for the finest chefs at Boys Camp: Let Him Cook! This year, a new challenger enters the competition - and he wants to force all of Boys Camp to eat disgusting slop! Once fierce rivals, the other chefs must put aside their differences to protect the high quality of food at Boys Camp. Join this cooking extravaganza as deliciousness awaits!


Week 1 & 4

Mini-Yo-We’s science department is being revived! YO-WE ROCKETS INC. is building a rocket to get to outer space. Girls Camp is helping them race against a rival rocket company. Our team will gain pieces to build our rocket ship, prepare our astronaut to go to space, and work together to beat the competition.

Week 2 & 6

Get ready to set sail on a Valiant Voyage across the Great Mini-Yo-We Sea in search of hidden treasure! Put your seafaring skills to the test as we hoist the mainsail, navigate by the stars, and tame the seas. As pirates conspire against our success, can our mighty fine crew band together to prevail?

Week 3 & 7

Girls Camp is transported to the first ever Olympic games in ancient Greece. We are greeted by some of the original Olympians who help us run the games. But athletes from the 1980s are also in ancient Greece—and they want to sabotage the Olympics! Girls Camp must team up with the ancient Greeks to defeat the ‘80s Olympians before it’s too late!

Week 5

Welcome to the Girls Camp 2024 Holiday Expedition! At Mini-Yo-We, we LOVE holidays: Christmas, Easter, Groundhog Day, you name it! Spend the week travelling through time to celebrate some of our favourite holidays. As long as our holiday calendar stays synced with our time machine, everything should go smoothly! Let’s hope there are no other time travellers around to mess with our plans…

Coming Soon... 2024 Themes!

We are launching our themes at 10:00 AM on Saturday, April 13.

Join us for the webinar to discover the themes for this summer!