Kicking Off Mini-Yo-We’s Countdown to Camp!

Camp MYWCountdown to Camp

The first campers in our core programs arrive in just nine weeks! We’re launching the Countdown to Camp video series to help kids have the best possible experience at Mini-Yo-We. Registered families will receive an email with a new video every Sunday at 2 PM. Each week focuses on a key aspect of Camp. Our team has gathered information that’s useful for first-time and returning campers, including what’s new for 2024, camp tours, summer directors introductions, weekly program themes, a packing tutorial, and more!

Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Rich “Epcot” Birch, our Executive Director, hosts the first Countdown to Camp video. Last year, we launched a series of FAQ videos and Rich reviews the top five most-viewed questions and answers:

1. How does Mini-Yo-We handle cell phones and technology?

Camp is happily technology-free! We do not permit campers to have cell phones, laptops or music-playing devices at Mini-Yo-We. We’ve found that being unplugged allows kids to experience our amazing Muskoka property and connect with new friends. Leave the tech at home, please!

2. How can I connect with my campers?

To email a camper, complete the online Camper Message Form. Your note will be printed and delivered the next day. You could also leave mail with our staff team during check-in on Sunday – or give it to the bus captains if your kids are arriving on the bus. We even provide special MYW mailing labels! Leaving mail at Camp is free and ensures it arrives on a certain day. If your camper is registered for multiple weeks, you’re welcome to send a package! Include their full name and program along with our mailing address:

1878 Muskoka Rd 10 W
Port Sydney ON P0B IL0

3. How do cabin placements and cabin mate requests work?

Families will receive emails with cabin details at 1 PM on the Saturday before the week at Camp starts. This allows you to know the assigned cabin and leader(s) in advance. Check with your kids’ friends to ensure any cabin mate requests have been fulfilled. Let us know on Saturday if there are issues and we’ll be all set for check-in on Sunday! For more details about cabin mate requests, check out the Preparing for Overnight Camp video, which will be sent on Sunday, June 2.

4. How does Camp hire and train summer staff?

Anna Temple, our Team Development Coordinator, hires summer staff. She begins recruiting potential staff members in the autumn. After applying, references are checked and applicants are interviewed. All staff must be 17 by the end of the calendar year. Anyone over the age of 18 must provide a clear criminal record check. Two weeks of comprehensive staff training takes place onsite before campers arrive. This summer, about half of our team are returning staff members, one-quarter are last year’s LITs and the rest are new to Camp. Over 10% are coming to Mini-Yo-We from countries outside of Canada! 

5. How do you handle special diets, allergies and camper medications?

Special diets & allergies: Every summer, we hire a dedicated team of food specialists to prepare and serve meals that are vegetarian, lactose-free, gluten-free and more! If your camper has dietary restrictions, let us know in advance by entering it on their medical form. Also, check out the Dietary Restrictions: A Resource for Parents & Guardians PDF and the Food & Diet web page. We take the safety of our campers with allergies very seriously. Camp is a nut-aware facility:

  • We do not knowingly serve food containing nuts; however, we permit the use of products that list “may contain traces of peanut products” or “may contain traces of nut products” in the ingredients.
  • Our tuck shops do not knowingly stock snacks that contain nuts.
  • We request that campers, staff and guests do not bring products containing nuts onto our facility.

A known anaphylactic allergy must be disclosed on a camper’s medical form. Kids who are prone to anaphylactic reactions are required to bring two EpiPens and carry one at all times. 

Camper medications: We aim to have three or more medical volunteers – nurses, doctors or paramedics – at Camp every week of the summer. They distribute medications to campers at breakfast, lunch, dinner and before bedtime. Campers are not permitted to keep any medications in cabins, including over-the-counter medications. Our First Aid Station is well equipped with common medications that may be required. Any prescription medication that a camper takes must be disclosed on their medical form during registration. If your camper has prescription medication(s):

  • Write the camper’s name on a resealable bag and place the medication in its original packaging inside the bag.
  • Give the bag to a member of our team during the check-in process.
  • Provide a camper photo for identification on the medical form. We will take a photo during check-in if needed.

For more details, visit Mini-Yo-We’s Health & Safety web page or read our Medication: A Resource for Parents & Guardians PDF.

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have any questions, from driving directions to making tuck shop deposits, call our Customer Care Team at 705-385-2629 or email You can also head to our FAQs web page for many other commonly asked questions. And be sure to watch for upcoming videos in the Countdown to Camp series, which will cover topics like daily schedules, homesickness, bedwetting, making new friends at Camp and plenty more!