5 Really Cool Things Your Kids Will Miss If They Don’t Come for Summer 2018!

Rich BirchBlog

We don’t want your kids to miss out! We currently have almost 200 more campers registered for the summer of 2018 than we did this time last year for the summer of 2017. Last year we had a record setting summer, and we hosted the most kids ever in our 70+ year history. Our office team is already turning away campers from certain weeks of the summer because our programs are starting to sell out! What does that mean for you? We don’t want your kids to miss out on a week at Camp Mini-Yo-We this summer! We believe that the summer of 2018 is going to a very special one, and we want your kids to experience it with us.

  • Our Staff Team // This is the time of year when we firm up our final staff team for the summer. Throughout our 70+ year history, Mini-Yo-We has always been deeply invested in the amazing group of young leaders that choose to join our staff team. This year’s team is once again shaping up to be an incredible group. We are honoured that so many young people choose to spend their summer investing in the lives your kids! We believe that the team gathering to serve with us this year is the best that we’ve ever had. If your kids don’t come this summer, they will miss out on all the amazing things these staff have to offer!
  • A Childhood Summer Essential // We know that we’re biased, but we think that coming to camp every summer is a part of a well-balanced childhood! There’s something about getting out of the city, away from the screens, and into Muskoka that refreshes a kid for another year of school and life in the city. We think it’s as Canadian as maple syrup and hockey! Our kids’ childhoods are fleeting and pass by so fast, so the choice to slow them down and head to Camp for the summer is a great decision! Campers make life-long memories at Mini-Yo-We, and we don’t want your kids to miss out on that chance!
  • All The “New” New Adventures // Zipping down the brand new triple zipline with some friends, fishing from our new pontoon boat, or one of the other brand new adventures we’re rolling out for campers this summer will only be “new” for Summer 2018! The campers who join us this summer will be able to look back and say that they were among the very first to try these new adventures! What a cool memory that those kids will have for years to come!
  • This is Your Story! Theme // We believe that every camper that comes to Mini-Yo-We has a unique story. This summer our program team is weaving in a number of ways to help kids reflect on their stories and how they connect to what God is doing in the world around us! We think each of them has something unique to contribute to the world, and we believe that this message will sink in deeply for many campers this summer. In fact, we have faith that it will sink in so deeply that it will alter the trajectory of their lives. Our mission at Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life changing adventures in God’s creation. We think that this year’s theme will help develop leaders for tomorrow because our campers will discover the unique story that God wants to write through them which will drive them to be leaders in the future!
  • “Refreshed” Parents // Can we say something that might come off as a little controversial? We know that part of the reason why parents choose to send their kids to Camp is because those parents then get some time to refresh themselves. That’s a great thing! As a parent you need time to recharge and relax. We know that raising kids is a lot of work, and we’re honoured to serve you by looking after your kids for a week. In fact, maybe the thing your kids need the most is for you to have some down time to relax this summer so that when you reconnect you’ll be refreshed and ready to engage. We love that we get to help you in that process! Sending your kids to Mini-Yo-We this summer is not only an investment in them, but it will also allow you to enjoy the week in a different way as well!

Are your kids not registered yet for this summer? What are you waiting for? Call our office at 705 385 2629 for more information. Register them online today to secure their spot before it’s too late.