How Camp Mini-Yo-We Makes Great Canadian Kids!

Rich BirchBlog



Attending a residential summer camp like Camp Mini-Yo-We is a rite of passage for many Canadian kids! In fact, I’ve joked with friends that you’re not really a Canadian kid if you haven’t had a chance to experience something like Mini-Yo-We! 😉 Playing under the summer sun, dipping your feet in the lake and challenging yourself to grow are all part of how Camp “makes Canadians”!

If you were to ask what “Canadian values” are, you would notice that many of them are developed at Mini-Yo-We. Here are four commonly held Canadian values that we develop in the lives of our campers:

  • Fairness // At the core of the Canadian identity is a sense of fairness … ensuring that everyone gets a fair chance to participate in community. Camp is built on the idea that everyone is welcome to engage fully. Although we use fun competitions to fuel some aspects of our programs, we don’t use “winning and losing” as a primary motivation. Mini-Yo-We helps each camper develop at his or her own level. Every morning our campers participate in a skill instruction that is custom-tailored to help them grow!
  • Diversity // Our campers come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Living together in community for even a week with someone who is a little different from you is a powerful lesson in diversity. Campers come from all different faiths and backgrounds—everyone is welcome. Mini-Yo-We is committed to introducing children and young people to the message of Jesus Christ in a loving and caring manner that respects the home life of every kid!
  • Health // Canadians value healthy and active lifestyles. Camp reinforces this value constantly by motivating our campers to enjoy physical activities. Many of the activities we provide at Mini-Yo-We can be enjoyed for an entire lifetime. Learning to be active when they’re young helps set up your kids for life! Also, our menu is moving toward encouraging a healthy lifestyle. We didn’t have kale salads on the menu when I was a kid … but our campers love it!
  • Sustainability // Canadians want to be good stewards of our amazing natural environment. Our mission at Mini-Yo-We is to “develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation”. Immersing campers in God’s creation is at the core of what we do. Whether it’s campers “sneaking out” to see the stars at night or paddling on a 10-day canoe trip through old-growth forest, we constantly engage our campers directly in our environment. There’s nothing better for teaching sustainability than to have first-hand experiences in creation when kids are young. At Mini-Yo-We, we want your kids to love the world we believe God created and to learn to care for it!

Canadians are “made” at Camp Mini-Yo-We! We’d love to have your kids at Camp next summer.

One more thing that Canadians value is a good deal! Register today!