2023 Christmas Campaign Recap: Your Gift, Their Adventure

Rich BirchChristmas Campaign

As the snow blankets Camp Mini-Yo-We, creating a serene winter wonderland, our hearts are warmed by thinking ahead to 2024. It’s that time of the year again: our Christmas Campaign is underway and we’re excited about the possibilities that your generosity can unlock!

This year, you have an opportunity to give towards the goal of $110,000 before December 31. Our Christmas Campaign will help fund three strategically important aspects of our ministry.

Embracing a Time-Honored Tradition: Canoe Tripping

Last summer was a landmark for us. For the first time in years, we hosted all of our planned canoe trips, reigniting a passion that has long been a hallmark of the Mini-Yo-We experience. Canoe tripping isn’t just an activity; it’s a journey into nature, a dance with the ripples of Mary Lake, and a path to self-discovery for our campers.

Your contribution this Christmas can catalyze a significant upgrade to this beloved program. Imagine the thrill on our Junior campers’ faces as they set off in a brand new 29-foot voyageur canoe, courtesy of your generosity. We’re also looking to replace our aged canoe trailer, ensuring safe expeditions for years. Each paddle through the water is a step towards new skills, unforgettable memories, and the nurturing of future leaders.

Empowering Our Leaders: A Pay Increase for Cabin Leaders & Activity Leaders

Our dedicated Cabin Leaders and Activity Leaders are at the core of transformative experiences at Camp. These incredible young individuals guide our campers, shaping their summer with a mix of growth, fun, and faith. Recognizing their invaluable contribution, we’ve embarked on substantially increasing their pay over these last few years. It’s gone from $50 a week in 2019 to $210 in 2024!

Your support this Christmas will help bridge the financial gap, allowing us to continue attracting and developing these fantastic leaders. It’s an investment in the very soul of our community, ensuring that every camper receives the guidance, care, and mentorship they deserve.

Revitalizing Bunkie Row: A Tribute to Our Volunteers

Once a vibrant part of Girls Camp, our Bunkie Row awaits its final transformation, which your generosity can make possible. This renovation is more than just a facelift; it’s a renewal of our commitment to the incredible volunteers who are the backbone of Camp Mini-Yo-We.

Your gift will turn Bunkies 6, 7, and 8 from underutilized and dated to a “home away from home” for our adult volunteers, complete with new siding, interior panelling, electrical fixtures, and furnishings. This isn’t just about comfort. It’s about showing our volunteers how much they’re valued and creating spaces that welcome more hands and hearts to enrich programs and the Camp community.

The Urgency of Now: A Call to Action

With December 31 just around the corner, the clock is ticking to make a difference this year. Your gift ensures a bright future for our campers and staff and allows you to enjoy the benefits of a 2023 tax receipt.

Imagine your contribution’s impact: a child’s first stroke of a paddle on Mary Lake, a young leader stepping confidently into their role, a volunteer feeling cherished and respected in their newly renovated bunkie. This is the power of your gift — a power that goes beyond the physical and touches lives.

We want you to feel the joy and pride of being part of this transformative journey. Every dollar you donate weaves you into Mini-Yo-We’s story of adventure, leadership, community, and faith!

As you gather with loved ones this Christmas season, consider extending your circle of joy to the campers, staff, and volunteers of Camp Mini-Yo-We. Let’s join together to light up lives this Christmas!

Visit www.campmyw.com/christmas before December 31 and be part of something truly incredible. Together, we can make waves of change that ripple through many lives for many seasons to come.