Let’s Keep Talking about Leadership

Camp MYW

We wanted to start a conversation with you about the leaders that made the biggest difference in your life.

Who are the people that have impacted your leadership throughout your life?

To get the ball rolling, our Summer Directors have put together a quick chat about the people that made a difference in their lives.

Check it out:

The Leader that made a Difference in Your Life
We want to hear your stories about leaders growing leaders, either here at Camp or in other aspects of your life.

Please record a video and tell your story!

Submit your Video

In the season we find ourselves in, it is important that we stay connected, share our stories, and remain a community unified by our love of Jesus and a passion for the Camp that brought us together.

We are praying for you, we are with you, and we love you.

As always, please reach out to any or all of us, at any time. It is our joy to connect with you!