Leap of Faith Episode 27: Interview with Jesse on Discipleship Groups

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Spring has sprung and we are inching ever closer to a great summer at camp. But while we wait I wanted to check in with Jesse and talk to him about how he is growing in his faith. He was excited to share with you about the discipleship group he recently joined at his church.

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My thanks to Jesse for sharing with us about discipleship groups. If you want to learn more about it and chat with someone who can help you find a discipleship group your director team is here for you. Jesse is walking the walk on this one and would love to connect with you.

We think discipleship is a critical part of your growth both in faith and as a leader. We all need people to encourage us, inspire us, and challenge us. As you go about your day to day remember you can always reach out to your summer director team. Jesse is available by email at jesse@miniyowe.com.

Growing takes time and energy on your part and a commitment to that growth can be made easier by joining a discipleship group. We would love to help you find one either in your home community or here in your camp community. Keep pressing on and taking it one step at a time and till next time…

Keep being awesome.


This post is part of our Leap of Faith Audio Check-ins. We want to encourage you to leap into your faith and continue to grow at home, at school, and in your church. These audio check-ins are meant to encourage you as live out your faith every day. 

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