Leap of Faith Episode 23: Hannah Stewart on Reading the Whole Bible in 40 Days

Camp MYW

Hello Hello!

How are you doing today? I hope you are making the most of your isolation and taking the chance to reach out to people you love and tell them they matter to you. You matter to us and we want to send all our cares and prayers your way.

One of the ways you can make the most of this season is by diving deeper into God’s word. I sat down with Hannah Stewart recently to hear how she is using this Lenten season to focus on the Bible.

^^^Listen to the audio above for the whole thing^^^

Thank you, Hannah, for being with us today!

It is absolutely amazing to think of reading the Bible in such a short time. We are well into the Lenten season but that doesn’t mean you can’t start reading your Bible intently today. Especially with the time we have been given by the climate around us.

Is it possible that God has made time for you to sit and be in his word over the next month?

Or the next few months before camp?

We Need Your Help

As we wrap up I just wanted to point out that we are still streamlining ahead toward camp and that means we need to keep building our summer team.

Are you free and haven’t signed up yet?
Have your plans suddenly changed due to the pandemic?

Well, then you should consider signing up for a summer outside serving God.

Also, take a moment and think of the people in your life who could benefit from being at camp. Can you please reach out to them? We need more people to serve and you can be the one who makes the difference for Camp and for your friends.

We think the world of you and are praying for you daily. Hannah can be reached by email at hannah@miniyowe.com.

Stay well, stay safe, and stay in God’s word and in the meantime: keep being awesome.

This post is part of our Leap of Faith Audio Check-ins. We want to encourage you to leap into your faith and continue to grow at home, at school, and in your church. These audio check-ins are meant to encourage you as live out your faith every day. 

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