Leap of Faith Episode 21: A Chat with Michelle about Dealing with Anxiety

Camp MYW

Hello Hello. I hope you are doing well and you are enjoying the start of your March Break.

Today I have a conversation that Michelle Little and I had about her love for camp. We also lean into a conversation on anxiety and what Michelle does to deal with anxiety in her life.

I can’t imagine a better conversation to have right now. I’m sure we are all feeling a little worried and stressed by the world around us. Michelle has some fantastic insight into how she approaches her anxiety. 

Again, with an interview, I’m not going to put up a transcript so please listen into the file above.

I couldn’t say it better myself. We love you and think the world of you. We are honoured to be in your lives and are ready to be there for you no matter what you are facing. You can reach Michelle by email at michelle@miniyowe.com. She is one of my favourite people and I know that she has your back every day.

As we wrap up I want to highlight some live streams happening through the next few weeks. We are at twitch.tv/miniyowestaff every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1 pm EST for gaming, faith growth, small groups and leadership development. Join us!

Remember: wash your hands and keep being awesome.

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