A Digital Refresh – April 17, 2020: Nothing Can Separate

Camp MYW

Today’s Reflection comes from Jaimie Houtby. Jaimie will be joining us as one of the site directors at Discovery Camp and she is a graduate of our internship program.

Today’s Reading: Romans 8:18-39

Nothing can separate us for the love of Christ.

-Romans 8:38

At this time, we all feel like everything is slowly being taken away.

I feel like everything I know has all at once been taken away. My school has been moved online for me and many other cancelled. I have had to move off-campus and back with my family. My work is closed, so I no longer can work. It goes on and on.

My list of things that have changed in my life could go on for another hour, but this is not what we should be focusing on during this time. We need to look at the one consistent thing in a Christians life. Christ.

In Romans, we can see that there is nothing that can separate us from Christ and his love. Being able to rest in the knowledge that Christ will not change and has not is reassuring in this strange and hard time. We can see that He has and always will be because he is faithful.

1 Corinthians 1:9 says

“God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. “

I don’t always find it easy to be faithful and spend time with God. But during the extra time, I have now I want to focus on Christ never-ending love. I want to give the times where I feel overwhelmed with the world to God in prayer.

Knowing He is faithful in his love even when I am not is amazing because he will always be ready to invite into his presence once again. God wants us to spend time with His son. He has called us to be present with Him because he is always present with us. He is never far from us sometimes we need to be reminded of his faithful love. He is not leaving us anytime soon and right now we don’t have anywhere else to go. Embrace His love because there will not be a time like the time we have now.

2 Timothy 2:13 says

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”

I want to remind us all that Christ is not separated from us and that we can draw closer to him at this time. We are not alone and never will be if we have Christ in our lives.

Some helpful tips so that we can draw closer to Christ during this time:

  • Set aside your phone (on silence or in another room) and have some silence
  • Open your physical Bible and try to work through a chapter or passage at a time (I’m trying to read through Paul’s Letter for an idea)
  • Pray for God to open your heart and mind to what he wants to say to you before you read
  • After reading allow for time to pray and have silence
  • Throughout your day pray in the spare or quiet moments
  • Practice being still


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