Calling all Mini-Yo-We Mom’s! We’re Launching a Podcast Just For You!

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Are you a Mini-Yo-We Mom who is sending her kids to Camp this summer? Are you considering sending your kids to Camp? Do you have friends that ask you about Mini-Yo-We?

We are launching a podcast for you! In a little while we’re introducing season one of our new podcast – The Mini-Yo-We Mom’s Podcast. The six episodes will be all about helping you answer all relevant questions about Camp Mini-Yo-We so that you can also share it with your friends who are wondering about sending their kids to Camp.

But we need your help! Every episode is going to based around questions that Moms tend to ask about Mini-Yo-We. We need you to submit your questions and then listen in to the answers of our panel of Mini-Yo-We Moms from their perspective.

Send us your questions now:

We’ve pulled together a panel of Mini-Yo-We Mom’s with decades of experience of sending their kids to Camp to help you. You’ll hear them chat through the questions from their perspective and have some fun along the way. So, grab a coffee or tea and subscribe today.

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Can you do us a favour? We want to spread the word about the podcast. You can do that in three easy steps:

  1. Subscribe on one of the podcast platforms above.
  2. Leave a rating and review.
  3. Email your friends who are considering sending their kids and invite them to tune in!

We’ll be launching soon. We look forward to connecting with you through the show and helping your friends get plugged into Mini-Yo-We!

Rich Birch
Executive Director