Episode #2 – What are Some “Must Pack” Essentials for Every Kid Coming to Camp?

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Episode #2 – What are some “must pack” essentials for every kid coming to Camp?

Today Christine is talking with her friends Linda and Becca. Christine’s two kids have grown up with Camp Mini-Yo-We, as have Linda and Becca’s children.

One of the common questions camp moms receive is “What are the must pack essentials for every kid going to camp?” And so Christine, Linda, and Becca are here today to give advice on the things your child will need during their time at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Here are some of their suggestions:

  • Positive attitude // On the advice of Linda’s sixteen year old daughter who has been to Camp many times, the first thing to pack is a positive attitude. All of the material things are important, but having a positive attitude about the experience and the people you’ll meet is the most important part of preparing for Camp.
  • Things you would be comfortable losing // Kids are apt to lose or ruin things, especially when away at Camp for a week or more. That is why Becca advises to send only things that you don’t mind losing or throwing away. This means old clothes, old running shoes, old swimsuits. Kids won’t have to worry about messing up the nice things while they’re exploring and having fun.
  • Favorite clothes // Among the well worn clothes, find out what your kid’s favorites are and send those as well. Some parents send clothes “packaged”— as in a pair of shorts and t-shirt bundled together with a rubber band so that the kid has an outfit already planned. This can work with some kids, but not with others. Being away at camp can allow kids the freedom to choose their own outfits based on what they want to wear. So pack up the favorites (that can be ruined or lost while away) and give your kids a chance to choose their own clothes for a week!
  • Label // It isn’t a “must bring” item but more of a “must do” before Camp… be sure to label the items your kids bring with their name. On the last day of camp, it’s easy for kids to get their items mixed up while packing. Labeling helps to make sure your kids will bring back all of their own clothes and other items.
  • Running shoes // Running shoes are the best kind of footwear to send to camp. They’re comfortable and work well for many different activities. They also stay on your child’s feet better so they provide a safe fit and grip on different surfaces.
  • One dressier outfit // The last night of Camp is a dinner for everyone and many kids, especially the girls, like to dress up for that last event together. Send just one nicer outfit for this night. It doesn’t have to be something you’d give your kid for church or a wedding, but something just a little nicer than their everyday clothes. You can pack this outfit in a bag to separate it from the other clothes and keep it clean until it is needed.
  • Fun things // There are some special days at Camp and having a few fun items gives your kids the chance to take part in these dress up times. There are hat days, so send some fun hats along. Christine’s son brought a coon skin cap one year. You can also send feather boas with the girls for them to dress up and have fun.
  • Something to make them feel comfortable // Some kids need something to make them feel comfortable among everyone else. This could be a favorite stuffed animal or favorite book. Maybe even a bed sheet or blanket from home that they can use on their bed at Camp. This helps ease the child’s nerves and reminds them of home while they’re away.

A packing list will be emailed to you when you register your child for Camp Mini-Yo-We giving detailed advice on things your child will need.

Quick Tip: Sending mail to your kids at camp!

  • Leave mail in the office during check-in on Sunday. Make sure to label it with the child’s first and last name, the camp they are in (ie. Boys Camp, Discovery Camp, etc.), and the date you would like the mail to be delivered. Remember, don’t pack peanuts!
  • Send a postcard. It can be something simple, with a note that says “Hope you’re having a great day. Love, Mom and Dad.”
  • When sending small treats, consider sending one for everyone in the cabin. It can be something inexpensive like small glow sticks. This is something fun that can help bring the kids together and build friendships.
  • When sending letters, keep it positive. Don’t make the kids homesick by overemphasizing how much you miss them and are counting down the days until they return. Just give them a few updates on what’s going on at home and then say things like “I can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back.” Maybe even include some jokes to get the kids laughing. Remember to keep the letters positive!

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