Episode #1: What are your hopes for kids when you send them to Camp?

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Episode #1: What are your hopes for kids when you send them to Camp?

Today Christine talks with two of her camp friends, Heather and Amy, whom she met over 20 years ago at Camp Mini-Yo-We. They discovered Mini-Yo-We when they were young and worked at the camp, and they now send their own kids to the camp.

Camp parents often ask is, “Why do you send your kids to camp?” and  “What are your hopes for them being there?” These three moms are on the podcast today to talk about the answers to these questions! Here are some of their thoughts:

  • A Safe Place to Have Fun // As Heather says, “Having two kids away from home for the week is a big bonus!” But seriously, she knows that Camp Mini-Yo-We will offer them a safe environment in which to have a good time. During that time, she and her husband can also have a staycation of their own.
  • A Place For All Kids // Camp Mini-Yo-We is unique in that you can send almost all your kids at the same time if they fit the age range—children and teens, boys and girls.
  • Relive Your Own Days At Camp // Heather says her kids have the time of their lives and are excited to go to camp. Amy hopes that her kids have their own positive experiences like she did being at Camp Mini-Yo-We when she was younger and can make strong friendships through it. Christine agrees, sending her kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We allows her to relive her own memories through her kids and their experiences.
  • Develop Skills For the Rest of Their Lives // The impact for these kids doesn’t last just the week that they’re at camp, it influences the rest of their lives and into adulthood. Camp Mini-Yo-We allows kids to be independent but also taken care of by the camp leaders. It gives them the chance to do things on their own that they may rely on their parents to do for them. They learn leadership development through experiences such as leading group songs or other small events that can teach them skills they will need in the future.
  • Appreciation for the Outdoors // Another part of the camp experience is that kids can learn an appreciation for the outdoors. They can learn to explore the world and nature around them so that on family vacations or camping trips, the kids will be excited to explore the outdoors and use the skills they learned at Camp Mini-Yo-We.

These ladies also shared their first Camp Tip! Here their thoughts on on how to have a smooth check-in on the first day of Camp!

  • Submit Cabin Mate Request Early // If you forgot to submit a cabin mate request when you registered, just email us at office@miniyowe.com! We work hard to honour mutual cabin mate requests between campers of a similar age. Getting this sorted before you arrive saves time and is one less thing to think about during check-in.
  • Fill Up Your Child’s Tuck Account Before Arriving // Make a deposit into your child’s tuck account before you arrive and check one more item off the list! If you have any questions about Tuck Accounts just contact our office at 705-385-2629 or by email at office@miniyowe.com
  • Bring Complete Medical Forms // We ask parents to bring a completed medical form when they check their child in on the first day of Camp so we have their most up-to-date medical information. Fill the medical form out at home and save time. You can find the medical form here

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