Episode #4 – What is the right age to send my kids to overnight camp?

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Welcome back to the Mini-Yo-We Moms podcast. Your host Christine is here today with Michelle and Sara to answer the question of what is the right age to send my kids to sleepover at camp. We send kids as young as five, but how do you know your kid is ready to start this adventure?

  • Look for the signs. // One sign that a kid is transitioning from being a baby to a kid is when they start doing more things for themselves, such as brushing their teeth or getting dressed on their own. When they become more comfortable not being around their parents for long periods or sleeping over at grandparents’ houses can be another sign.
  • Excited staff makes for excited kids. // Discovery Camp is tailored to the youngest kids and is more compact than the camps for older kids. Kids can get to really know the space to make them feel more comfortable. The workers in this area are very attentive to the kids and especially enjoy working with the very young. The staff are excited to show the kids a great time at camp, which makes for a better and more exciting time for the kids.
  • Let kids lead the packing. // Many parents worry that kids won’t be able to do simple things on their own, such as putting together outfits for the day or know where to find things. Let the kids help with their packing for camp and choose their own clothing. Have them pick out outfits for each day so they don’t have to think about that while at camp and you don’t have to worry about whether they need any help in doing these things all on their own. Let them have their favorites in their luggage and explain where things are within the bags.
  • Bedwetting is dealt with discretely. // Bedwetting at camp is very common among all sections of camp, and so Discovery camp is well prepared to deal with it. Kids can discretely change to Pull-Ups in the bathroom if needed. After the kids wake up and head off to breakfast, the section head checks the beds and if there is a wet bed, the bedding is gathered up and washed right away. This keeps the kids from being embarrassed in front of their friends, so parents


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