Episode #3: Jez Bell Explains the Mini-Yo-We Internship

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Thanks so much for joining us for this episode of the Mini-Yo-We Leadership Podcast. We have Jez Bell with us today, the Outdoor Centre Director at Camp Mini-Yo-We explaining what the year-round Mini-Yo-We Internship is all about!

Jez Bell worked at a Christian camp after high school, starting by doing dishes in the kitchen. The job might not have been glamorous, but the team and the atmosphere of the camp made him fall in love with Christian camps. He has now been at Mini-Yo-We for the last year and a half, and he passionate about helping young people grow and develop as the Lord leads him.

The internship program at Camp Mini-Yo-We is a one year program. Jez is with us today to talk about the Mini-Yo-We internship program and how it helps develop tomorrow’s leaders. Through the program, the interns jump into serving among the different groups at Mini-Yo-We throughout the year.

  • Serving // A big part of the interns’ time at Mini-Yo-We is serving the school, church, and other groups that come to the camp throughout the year. These are a variety of groups, from children to adults. That means the interns are a times leading groups in which the members are older than they are. The variety of groups stretches the interns and allows them the chance to learn how to adjust their leadership skills so that they understand the needs of the different groups and ages.
  • Community // The interns come from different places around the world and are put together into one community. They are sharing living areas and workspace, and so they learn about each other and how to work together with people who come from different backgrounds than they do. Community living will only be a success if we learn to serve one another, and the internship at Mini-Yo-We allows the interns the chance to experience this for that year.
  • Leading // Mini-Yo-We has all the interns’ name on a list and each morning one of them has to lead the devotional and prayer, helping the interns become accustomed to leadership within the group. Mini-Yo-We also brings in different programs that teach the interns basic life skills. The interns are paid, and so part of these programs are on budgeting and what the bible says about money. They can use these lessons throughout their lives to help them be more responsible with their money and other parts of adulthood.
  • Reaching Out // Mini-Yo-We is working to add new opportunities to the internship program, such as a mission trip and different serving opportunities. Last year, some of the interns visited one of the local prisons and lead a Sunday evening service for the inmates. In addition to this, the internship program is looking at more opportunities to allow the interns to reach out into the local community and spread Christ’s love and teachings by serving the people around them.

You can learn more about the Camp Mini-Yo-We internship program at the website or by emailing Jez at jez@miniyowe.com.

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