5 ½ Myths About Sending Your Kids to Camp for the First Time

Rich BirchBlog

Are you ready to send your child to Mini-Yo-We this summer for the first time, but you’re not sure what they’ll experience?

Have you wanted to give your kids the life long gift of a summer at Camp but are hesitating because you wonder if they will enjoy it?

Are you worried that your child might not love Camp right off the hop?

Every year we talk to hundreds of parents who are considering sending their kids to Mini-Yo-We for the first time.  During these conversations, we often hear some common myths about what they think the Camp experience is like. We wanted to address some of these myths to encourage parents to take the leap and register their first-time camper with us for this coming summer!

  • Myth #1: My kid will be only “first-time camper”! // For the past five summers, an average 40% of our campers have been “first-time campers”. That means that most of our cabins have at least 2-3 campers who have never been to Mini-Yo-We before. We think that’s a perfect ratio! Your child won’t be the only camper who is experiencing Mini-Yo-We for the first time!
  • Myth #2: My child is too young for camp! // Did you know that we have kids as young as “turning 5” who love to come to Mini-Yo-We? Really! We know it’s an individual choice for each kid, but we are ready to serve first-time campers regardless of their age!
  • Myth #2.5: My young person is too old for camp! // Because our mission at Mini-Yo-We to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation, we have many people who start their Camp journey with us when they are 14+ and they love all the challenges we have to offer!
  • Myth #3: My kid isn’t really “woodsy”. // We get it. We aren’t all born with a canoe paddle in one hand and tent pole in the other! Most of our campers come from the suburbs and coming to Mini-Yo-We is a great break from their everyday experience. We find that campers fall in love with the beauty of Muskoka from the first moment they step onto our property!
  • Myth #4: Camp is really expensive. // I understand how you feel. In fact, I’ve talked with many parents who have felt the same way before making the decision to send their kids to Mini-Yo-We. However, in the end they’ve found the money they spent on sending their kids to Camp has been an investment in their kids that they draw on for years to come. I can say this is true about my own kids. Before I joined Mini-Yo-We as the Executive Director, we invested in sending our kids to Camp (even when we lived 12 hours away), and I don’t regret any of those resources we spent! Time and again, I see the positive impacts in my kids from the investment we made to get them to Mini-Yo-We! (Plus we at Camp have sweet payment plans to make it easier than ever to pay while staying on budget!)
  • Myth #5: My kid will be homesick! // We live in a time when lots of kids haven’t been away from their parents for long periods of time, let alone a week or two! Our summer team is specially trained to not only identify kids that might be experiencing the early stages of homesickness, but we design our programs to keep our campers moving so that they are excited to be with us! If you’re still worried about this, we find that a few sleepovers at grandma’s or a friend’s house are the perfect prep for coming to Mini-Yo-We!

We would be honoured to have your child join us this summer! We love welcoming first-time campers to our community every year. We hope they will join us!

Still have questions about registering your child for the first time this summer? Contact Cathy in our office. She loves helping first-time families work through any questions they have! You can contact her at cathy@miniyowe.com or by phone at 705-385-2629.

If we had a 6th myth, it would be this: I can register my kid right before the summer, right? We already have close to 1,500 kids signed up for next summer! Some programs are 80%+ full, so you need to move quickly to secure your child’s place for this summer.

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