How is Mini-Yo-We Improving Activities in 2021?

Rich BirchBlog

One of our clear convictions arising out of last summer, when we were unable to host kids at overnight camps as we were shut down by the Ontario government, is that kids need camp

Your kids need camp. Your kids need to get outdoors, connect socially with new friends, develop new skills, encounter the teaching of Jesus in a caring environment, and so much more, all at Mini-Yo-We!

We are more passionate than ever about our calling as we serve our campers and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

We would like to bring you up to speed on a number of changes made at Camp Mini-Yo-We around how we will carry out our activities and instructions this coming summer. These changes, we believe, will improve our activities. We hope these improvements will ensure that your kids will love camp even more in the summer of 2021, and potentially beyond! We are committed to them this coming summer and will continue to learn and hopefully discover more ways of improving our activities in the future.

Your Kids will Experience More in our 75th Summer!

2021 marks 75 years of Camp Mini-Yo-We. We are super excited to have the opportunity to host hundreds of campers for our 75th Summer! For more than seven decades, kids like yours have been coming to Mini-Yo-We to try out new skills and experiment with new activities, and this summer we’re providing the opportunity to try out even more. 

In a normal summer, your young people would be restricted to just two instructions for the entire week. However, for the summer of 2021, each camper will have the opportunity to try ten different activities! This will give them the opportunity to try more activities, to broaden their horizons, and to experiment with new skills that perhaps they will continue with beyond camp. 

The activity periods are designed to help campers, who may not have done these activities before, to grow and develop. 

We’re excited about the opportunity to help your kids experience even more during our 75th Summer! 

Maintain Small COVID Cohorts

We will talk more about this in the future, but one of our primary goals for this coming summer is to keep your kids safe and healthy while at Mini-Yo-We. 

One of the ways we will ensure your kids stay healthy is to reduce the number of staff and other campers they engage with during their stay.

Our newly designed activity plan allows every camper to not only try all activities but for us to conduct them in smaller groups.

This is best practice during this COVID-impacted season. It allows us to easily track who has been interacting with whom, and reduces the amount of contact each camper has with staff and other campers.

All the Fun with Less Stress at Registration!

Registration this year will be the simplest it has ever been. 

All you need to register your kids is their age and the week that you’d like them to come. 

When your child arrives at the property, they will be given a schedule showing them exactly when they will do their activities. You can check out our Activities Page on our website for more details on what the activities are, but there’s no need for you to select activities or make any other decisions as we launch into the registration season.

2021 Registration

For the summer of 2021, we are choosing to reduce our registration capacity by 50% due to the restrictions we believe the Ontario Government will place on overnight camps like ours when we open. 

This does create registration pressure for families like yours who are considering sending their kids to Mini-Yo-We this summer. We anticipate that we’ll sell out quickly, in part because the summers of 2017, 2018, and 2019 were our largest ever, yet we are reducing our capacity by 50%. 

We are working closely with the Ontario Camps Association and the provincial government to develop and implement rigorous policies for next summer to ensure the safety of our community. In addition to our regular safeguard, we are implementing new policies involving pre-camp screening, reducing the overall capacity, cohorting of campers and staff, and heightening cleaning and disinfection practices.

As public health guidance documents are released, we will update our community on our policies for summer 2021.

Registration is next summer is now OPEN! Secure your spot for just $1 when you register today. Got questions about this summer? Contact our Customer Care Team at or 705-385-2629.