New for 2017: The Five Story Mini-Yo-We Jump Tower

Rich BirchBlog


For over twenty years, campers have been thoroughly enjoying the High Ropes Course at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Each and every element has been designed to challenge participants in a unique way and offer an amazing, fun learning experience. These continues to be a major attraction with our guests not only during summers, but also throughout the year.

For summer 2017, we’re adding a brand new element for our campers and guests that we are really excited for! The five story high Jump Tower will literally take the essence of adventure to new heights. While the “Giant Swing” has been our most adrenaline-pumping experience since we opened it in the mid-90s, this new element promises to throw up an even bigger challenge to all those adventure enthusiasts waiting to have a great time at Camp Mini-Yo-We!

To experience the Jump Tower, a camper needs to climb five stories atop an old growth pine tree in the middle of our facility. Of course, you’ll be hooked into a belay safety system and get plenty of support from other people trying the Tower. You’ll have the sensation of climbing into the canopy because the platform is nearly 20 feet higher than any other platform at Mini-Yo-We. Once you get to the platform, you’ll be greeted by a member of our team and get hooked into a second safety system that will slow your descent when you jump off the tower. Once you fully hooked into that new system and are ready to go, you’ll be taken off the belay system that you used to climb up the tree.

You’ll look over from the edge of the metal platform down the five stories that you’ve just climbed. Your heart is bound to pound and your eyes will focus on the ground below. While looking at the challenge ahead of you, you’re likely to feel that time itself has frozen.

You’ll jump off and experience free fall unlike anything you’ve felt before.

After a few moments, the second safety system will come into action  and you will be lowered all the way to the ground, to be greeted by a group of cheering friends who’ll be raring to give you a high five and ask what it was like … even as your knees are weak from the experience. Everyone who experiences the Jump Tower will have their own story about how it impacted them.

Our mission at Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. The Jump Tower forms part of our strategy of getting our campers to engage with God’s handmade creation. We’re excited for our campers and guests groups to experience this and know what it is like to take a “leap of faith” in their lives. Like our other elements, community is developed and comprised of all participants as they positively encourage each other to try out something new! We’re excited to use this new tool to accomplish our mission here at Camp!

The Mini-Yo-We Jump Tower was built by Challenges Unlimited, a leader with over 20 years experience in the design, development and construction of aerial adventure parks. This element continues our relationship with this company as they’ve built most areas of the rest of our Park. Our team also receives specific training on The Jump Tower maintenance, care and operation. The element has been approved by the Technical Standards & Safety Authority.

For more than 70 years, Camp Mini-Yo-We has been incorporating new means for our campers to experience God’s creation. We’d be honored to have you join us this summer and try the Jump Tower … if you dare!