17 Fast Facts That Tell a Story about the Summer of 2017!

Rich BirchBlog

Every number has a name. Every name has a story. Every story matters to God!

How do you summarize an amazing summer at Camp Mini-Yo-We? What could you do to quantify the incredible things that happened during the summer of 2017? It’s nearly impossible to summarize everything that happened but we did want to give it a shot through some fun facts and figures from this summer at Mini-Yo-We!

  • 2,097 individual campers who attended … a record number! 19% higher than our largest summer ever 17 years ago!
  • 9/10 is the average rating our campers give us! Thanks to our amazing staff for making the summer great!
  • 124 Bibles given away. We love to pass those onto our guests!
  • 597,770 total “engagements” on our Facebook page. Parents sure loved checking in on their kids!
  • 3,312 bowls of warm oatmeal! A breakfast classic at Mini-Yo-We!
  • 223 amazing summer staff! We love the students who serve on our team!
  • 172 adult volunteers who served for at least one week on our team … we could not do it without them.
  • 56 jaw-dropping sunsets … every night is an incredible sunset on Mary Lake!
  • 53 Leaders in Training … almost twice as many as the summer of 2016!
  • 3 games of “Game on a Tarp” … it’s self explanatory and a lot of fun!
  • 14 honour cabins awarded at Boys Camp and Girls Camp.
  • 109 decibels is the volume measured in the South Camp Lodge when cheers are at their loudest!
  • 7 extra days of staff training that our team does than most other camps in Ontario!
  • 612 first time campers that joined us … we’re the perfect spot for first time overnight campers!
  • 15% increase in our summer staff’s pay because of the Alumni Association!
  • 675+ Keurig coffee cups made in the new Staff Lounge in Muskoka Hall. Plus cans and cans and cans hot chocolate! What a practical way to serve our staff team!
  • 600+ campers already registered for the summer of 2018! Wowsers!

We are so thankful for everyone who made this summer what it was! Thank you for being part of the Mini-Yo-We community. We would be honoured to have you back next summer and we would love you to bring some friends with you!

As we wrap up the summer, we’re wondering if you’d be willing to help us finish strong. Click here to watch this video from our Executive Director, Rich Birch talking about how we can all help celebrate 2017 and help our team finish strong!