Episode #6 – Why invest in sending your kids to Camp vs. going on a family vacation?

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Episode #6 – Why invest in sending your kids to Camp vs. going on a family vacation?

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We’re so excited to have you with us again for this episode of the Mini-Yo-We Moms podcast! Today Christine is joined by Becca and Linda. In this episode the ladies discuss why they choose to invest in sending their children to Camp Mini-Yo-We versus a family vacation.

  • Treat camp as a family vacation // Time at Camp Mini-Yo-We can be a family vacation and experience in itself. Parents can volunteer in various jobs at the camp while their kids attend, so the whole family gets a trip and experience at the same time.
  • Financial Investment // Camp isn’t cheap, so you may have to choose between a vacation trip or camp. Camp can provide a variety of good experiences for your kids, but some years you may decide to do something else for your family. One year you may choose to go to camp, and the next year choose to take a bigger family trip to places you’ve been wanting to visit. You may also choose to spend one week at camp instead of two, and then use the money saved from that second week to take another vacation.
  • Benefits for the entire family // Becca’s family plans their vacations and finances with Camp Mini-Yo-We first. The camp is one of her daughter’s favorite places to be and so they choose to invest the time and money into camp first over other trips. The camp provides great benefits for the kids and the family as a whole, so the ladies consider it a priority in their lives.

Quick Tip: How to show appreciation to your child’s cabin leader

  • Acknowledge the work the leaders do by thanking them during drop off. These are teens who are learning themselves along with the kids and it isn’t always easy for them.
  • Send a note to your kid’s cabin leader. Just a little thank you note to say you appreciate the care they’ve shown to your kid during that week can be a great encouragement to the cabin leader.
  • Send a gift card. A gift card can be a token to show how much you appreciate the cabin leader’s work.
  • Give some treats for the cabin leader to give out. Ask for permission first, but if allowed, give the cabin leader some small treats to give out to their kids. It shouldn’t be presented as a gift from you, so the cabin leader can pass them out and get to enjoy the excitement from their cabin at the treat.

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