Did you know you can donate stocks to Camp Mini-Yo-We?

Rich BirchBlog

There are a number of friends in our donor community that donate stocks and securities to Camp Mini-Yo-We as part of their way to support our mission. An article in the Globe & Mail last month explained the process, and it got us thinking that some members of our community might be unaware of this method of giving to Camp.

Giving to Mini-Yo-We in this way is straightforward, and it not only benefits Camp but also provides you with some additional tax incentives. You’ll receive a larger taxable benefit when you give stocks to us “in-kind” than if you were to just make a cash donation. If you are considering giving to Mini-Yo-We, then you should consider donating securities!

Here are a few details to think about when considering this option of supporting the mission:

  • Use Our Gift of Securities Form // Click here to download this simple planning form to fill out and give to your broker. It contains all the information your broker will need to transfer the funds to Mini-Yo-We.
  • Reach Out If You Have Questions // On the form is both the contact information of our team at Camp as well as our broker. We are all available to help answer whatever questions you have about the process.
  • You Will Be Issued a Tax Receipt // Just like a cash donation, these donations are tax deductible. You will be issued a receipt in the new year for all your contributions to Mini-Yo-We, whether cash or securities.

Recently, we’ve seen more donors giving to Camp in this way. Many investors have had a great year and are sharing those resources with Mini-Yo-We. Whether your donations are helping to sponsor campers or enabling us to build for the future, we deeply appreciate whatever gifts you provide to Camp!

Questions? Reach out to Rich Birch (rich@miniyowe.com) with any questions!