5 Reasons Why August is the Best Month to Send Your Kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We

Rich BirchNews


August is a perfect time to send your kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We. There is a section of our camper families which prefer sending their kids to Camp in August rather than July. Here, we’ve attempted to capture just a handful of the reasons why these families happily send their kids to us during this time of the year.

Whether you choose to come in July or August, our team is going to work hard to ensure that your kids have enthralling adventures in God’s creation. If you’ve always sent your kids in July, here are some reasons to convince you to consider changing to August. If you are looking to join us for the first time, read on so that you can choose the month of August with confidence! We’d be honored to have you select Camp Mini-Yo-We for your family, regardless of when you come to us.

  • Anticipation // Parents who prefer to send their kids to Mini-Yo-We in August talk about the fact that it gives the campers something to look forward to through the long days of July. By waiting until August to send your kids, it helps them build anticipation throughout the summer time. Obviously, we love our July-campers too but we’ve heard families say that the waiting helps them as they parent their kids through the summer. Some families see it as something to build up to through the summer time.
  • Weather // The weather in August in Muskoka is amazing. In fact, it’s almost statistically identical to July. The “mean” temperature is just 1 degree lower than July and there is less rain on average in August too! [ref] In fact, the day with the least amount of clouds in the sky is typically in August, not in July. [ref] What does this mean? It’s the perfect time to send your kids to Camp! They will experience everything that our summer camp offers in the great outdoors!
  • LITs in Cabins! // Our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Leaders-in-Training (LIT) is our premier leadership program for young people aged 16-17. This is a unique 5-week program for those committed to growing as servant leaders through challenging and life-changing experiences. It is also the final step in our camper programming that equips the youth with the necessary skills to be a leader in our summer staff team. Our LITs are “in cabins” for weeks in August, which has a dual benefit by infusing new energy into the campers experience as well as has our cabin leaders train these new team members. Sort-of how the care at a “teaching hospital” is better because the doctors slow down to explain what is happening, August provides a great camper experience as we take time to train the next generation of our leaders.
  • Program Improvements // Our team is looking to constantly improve our programs throughout the summer time. We take time out everyday to learn what we can do to serve your kids better. The cumulative impact of 70 summer’s worth of improvement has resulted in making Camp Mini-Yo-We a world-class experience! We make adjustments every week to improve what we offer. By the time we get to August every year, we’ve worked out the kinks in our program and are ready to offer a second to none experience to your campers. By sending your kids in August, you are seeing our team firing on all cylinders!
  • Exclusive Youth Programs // Finally, there are a few specialty programs specifically targeted at our oldest campers that only happen in August. Wake|Sail is for campers ages 14 to 17 and happens only in August. Whether your campers are just learning to board or working on inverts and spins, this program is meant for them. They can bring their own board or ride one of ours. Our boarding and sailing staff will guide you to success. PRiME is a week-long adventure for teens aged 14-18 that you don’t want to miss! Since PRiME uses the entire Mini-Yo-We facility, we can produce some of the best camp programs in Muskoka. In the past few years, we’ve built 40-foot bonfires, ran massive games of spoons, experienced a lazy river down the Big East, held talent shows and hosted concerts for bands like The City Harmonic, Manifest, and Abandon. All of this is only available in August!

Let’s be honest…any time at Camp is a good time! We’d be honored to host your kids this August. The best time to send your kids to Camp Mini-Yo-We is when it suits you the best. We know a number of families find August fits perfectly into their summer plans! Register today for Camp Mini-Yo-We because we are experiencing record levels of registration and we don’t want you (and your kids!) to be disappointed!