7 Experiences Exclusive to Camp Mini-Yo-We for Your Kids

Rich BirchNews


Camp Mini-Yo-We is the only place you can have a Mini-Yo-We experience! For over 70 summers, we’ve been honing our craft to make it truly an exclusive experience. We admit there are lots of camps but there is only one which offers the nurturing and fun experience of Camp Mini-Yo-We. There are dozens of reasons that make ours an exclusive experience but here we list seven to help you learn:

  • Special Days // Friday afternoons at Mini-Yo-We are always packed with action and fun. The week’s programs reach a crescendo with funny costumes, themed music, exciting activities and so much more. At Camp, we call them “special days” because they are a part of our secret sauce. In fact, our special days are so special, leaders from other camps come to study our pattern and try to emulate it in their respective camps.
  • Zip Line into Mary Lake // Fly down our 300-foot zip line straight into Mary Lake! For generations, this exhilarating experience has been a “must do” at Camp Mini-Yo-We. Your kids will get a chance to jump off the top of a 40-foot tower and splash down to the water below.
  • Explore Dead Man’s Island // Campers have access to our very own private island by canoe, kayak, sailboat and more. We also have friendly competitions, where our youngest campers paddle to the island in a 40-camper “war canoe” to enjoy a campfire and s’mores! Every summer, some fortunate campers get a chance to sleep out on the island (with cabin leader supervision)…there’s nothing like waking up being surrounded by the lake! New for 2017 is “Escape from Dead Man’s Island”, a brand new adventure as you join your friends to solve clues to get off the island before time runs out!
  • Two Water Slides // Whether it’s our 110 foot water park style, plastic slide called “The Plunge” or our classic slide built on the side of the Canadian shield at our Northwoods site, it’s not really a Mini-Yo-We experience until you’ve been down both slides! Get a chance to fly down both and feel the thrill!
  • Check Out Smokey’s Treehouse // Hike up into our private forest and find this cabin suspended in the air from an old tree. This is a perfect spot for you and your cabin mates to spend an evening roasting marshmallows and listening to stories sitting around the campfire. Wake up with the morning mist and watch the sunrise from up among the treetops! It’s a breathtaking experience!
  • A Natural Rock Climbing Wall // Whether you want to try rock climbing for the first time or have done it before, we reckon you’ll love our natural rock wall. It’s carved on an amazing piece of rock, has 9 natural routes and is surrounded by the forest making it an ideal environment for climbing.
  • Our Team // Camp Mini-Yo-We is a learning organization. In fact, our mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Our leaders in training program lasts six weeks long, which is among the longest in Canada. Our camper programs start a week earlier than every other camp we know (July 9th this year) because we take an extra week to train our staff. We ensure a low camper to staff ratio because we work to provide lots of support to campers during the summer time. All of these things add up to an amazing team ready to serve your kids and give them a world class experience.

There are so many more activities which make Camp Mini-Yo-We an exclusive experience. We’re hopeful that your kids will join us this summer to have an experience of a lifetime. We have space left in some programs but they are selling out so register soon! Drop by this link to learn more and register today.