5 Reasons Grandparents Love Sending Their Grandkids to Camp Mini-Yo-We

Rich BirchBlog

We love Mini-Yo-We families! For a large segment of our camper community, Camp is more than just something they do during the summer; rather, it has become a way of life for the entire family. Families eagerly await the time when the next generation will make the pilgrimage to Mary Lake to become part of the family tradition of coming to Camp Mini-Yo-We. We have many families that have been making this trek for three generations. (Some for even four and five generations!) When we listen to the stories of these families, we often hear that it’s actually the grandparents who are choosing to invest in sending their grandkids to Mini-Yo-We!

Are you a grandparent who is considering sending your grandkids to a camp this summer? Every summer, we have hundreds of grandparents who opt to send their grandchildren to Mini-Yo-We. Sometimes the gift of a week of Camp is even given as a birthday or Christmas gift! Why would a grandparent choose to make this investment? There are several reasons we’ve heard over and over from grandparents, including:

  • Faith that sticks // Camp Mini-Yo-We is a Christian camp. That means we introduce our campers to the teachings of Jesus in a fun and informative way. We welcome campers from a wide variety of faith backgrounds. In fact, nearly 50% of our campers don’t indicate any church affiliation whatsoever. Many grandparents love sending their grandkids to Mini-Yo-We because they know they will be exposed to an active faith that sticks!
  • Get outside! // In some real ways, Camp is a throwback to simplicity. We ask our campers to leave behind their phones and connections to the internet for a week to experience a slower way of life. Campers spend their days enjoying our amazing Muskoka property, growing their skills, and making new friends. Grandparents love giving their grandkids this time to unplug from the busyness of a connected life!
  • Friendships that last a lifetime // Many of our long-term families know that one of the secrets of Camp Mini-Yo-We is that campers often form friendships that last decades. Grandparents who send their grandkids to Mini-Yo-We are giving them a shot at a friendship that will stand the test of time. There is something about the relationships formed while watching the sunsets over Mary Lake or on a canoe trip or during our leadership development programs that makes them last.
  • Mini-Yo-We encourages personal growth // Kids are more than the marks they get at school. Obviously, we value the education our children receive at school, but what they experience at Mini-Yo-We is a more profound sense of personal growth. Being away from mom and dad for a few days helps a child develop a sense of independence. Learning a new skill like sailing or rock climbing teaches a camper to be resilient in the face of a challenge. Living in close quarters with others kids of a similar age promotes teamwork and community building skills. Grandparents know that this personal development will benefit their grandkids for years to come.
  • Mini-Yo-We is all about the next generation // For over 70 years, we have been investing in the next generation. In fact, our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Grandparents who send their grandkids to Camp are joining with us in our mission by choosing to invest in next-generation leaders. They wisely see beyond just this year of life to what their grandkids are becoming. Sending your grandkids to Mini-Yo-We is a choice to invest in their development as leaders that will make a difference in their world!

Are you a grandparent who wants to send your grandkids to Mini-Yo-We next summer? We are here to help! Call Cathy, our Camp registrar, and she can help get them registered. She can also advise you about payment options, whether you are paying for the full fee or splitting it with your kids. Contact her at: 705 385 2629 or cathy@miniyowe.com.

We are so thankful for the grandparents in our Camp community who help make it possible for their grandkids to come to Mini-Yo-We!