Episode #5 – Mini-Yo-We is a Christian Camp… What if I’m not into church and religious stuff?

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Episode #5 – Mini-Yo-We is a Christian Camp… What if I’m not into church and religious stuff?

Thanks again for joining us for another episode of the Mini-Yo-We Moms podcast! Today Christine is chatting with Amy and Heather.

Camp Mini-Yo-We is a Christian camp with bible studies each night, so a lot of parents ask about whether their child will fit in if they aren’t religious. So Christine, Heather, and Amy are here today to talk about this topic and give you tips about answering non-religious parents’ questions.

  • Be upfront // Sometimes a non-religious kid may want to go to camp with a Christian kid who is already going. If your kid’s friend wants to go or another parent asks you about the camp, make sure the other parent knows that it is a Christian camp and does include bible studies. A lot of times, this can be a non issue. The parents may be perfectly fine with their kids attending the bible studies and think the experience can be a good thing for them.
  • Your child isn’t alone // The application for Camp Mini-Yo-We includes a question about whether the family has a church background or is affiliated with a church. Forty percent of the families don’t answer that question, which may mean that they aren’t attending church or aren’t religious. So a child who doesn’t have a church background isn’t alone at camp. There will be others who also aren’t active in a religion, but who have a great time at Camp Mini-Yo-We.
  • Give your child firsthand experience // Exposure to religion can be a great thing for your child. Many parents think it’s a good experience for their kids to learn about Christianity in a safe environment so that they can make their own decision whether to learn more or to attend church. It isn’t presented in a heavy-handed way and it shows the kids values from Christianity that they can use in their lives outside of camp.

Camp Mini-Yo-We is a great experience for families of all backgrounds, so parents shouldn’t be reluctant to send their kids even if they aren’t active in a church.

Quick Tip: Ways to cut down on the cost of Camp!

  • Register early. Many parents sign up for the next year at the end of the current year. There are a few different early bird discounts available.
  • Refer a new family. If you refer a new family who registers for camp, both families get $75 off the cost of camp. If you refer four friends or more, you can come for free!
  • Volunteer at camp. The volunteer discount is a great way to save and you can volunteer in different services at the camp.

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