What is the Mini-Yo-We Leadership Pathway? (And How You Can Help Us Improve It in 2019!)

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Our mission at Camp Mini-Yo-We is to develop tomorrow’s leaders through life-changing adventures in God’s creation. Bearing this mission in mind, we run a children’s camp because we believe it’s the best platform on which to develop leaders. We are convinced that our biggest contribution to the world is training young leaders who will make a difference!

At Mini-Yo-We our core leadership development takes place through our Leadership Pathway. This four-step process, that we’ve walked thousands of young leaders through for decades, is at the centre of how we fulfill our mission. Here is an overview of our Leadership Pathway:

Enterprise (Ages 14-16)

Teens participate in two weeks of leadership development, personal discipleship, and outdoor adventure. This experience teaches our developing leaders the value of being a servant, which we believe is the bedrock of leading others. This program is the start of our process of transforming campers into leaders in our ministry.

Leaders in Training (Ages 16-17)

Young leaders engage in six weeks of personal growth as leaders, Christ followers, and outdoor adventurers! This is the heart of our leadership development strategy and the gateway for young people joining our team. For decades, our LIT program has been at the leading edge of developing the next generation in the character, cadence, and competencies of leadership. Using a mixture of learning styles, our LIT program is designed to give our future leaders a strong foundational understanding and practice of leadership.

Summer Staff (Ages 17-24)

You could have a summer job, but why not live a leadership development adventure at the same time instead?! Serving on the summer staff team at Camp Mini-Yo-We is an experience  infused with leadership development. From our extra-long staff training to in-service opportunities for further development, we’ve crafting our summer staff experience to maximize the growth and potential of the young people who serve at Camp every summer. Our goal is to transform Camp Mini-Yo-We into the best place for young people to work in Canada because of the incredible experience that it is!

Year-Round Internship (Ages 18-25)

The final phase of our leadership development journey is for young adults to join us for a year working at our Outdoor Centre as an intern. This experience combines running the programming for our year-round guest groups with in-service training and discipleship to help launch young leaders into the rest of their lives. Our interns get exposure to the leadership and operation of our ministry through one-on-one mentoring, team meetings, road trips, and more.

Can you help us improve our Leadership Pathway in 2019?

We’re making some changes in 2019 to three of our leadership pathway programs to help us develop more and better leaders. Your donation to the 2018 Christmas Campaign will go a long way to providing the funding for these improvements!

  • Leaders in Training // We’re adding 12 months of development opportunities including monthly check-ins, one-on-one coaching sessions with our leadership development staff, and three weekend retreats in addition to the six week summer program.
  • Enterprise // This program has grown by 30%, and we want to increase our staffing, improve the Enterprise accommodations, and provide more follow-up after the summer.
  • Mini-Yo-We Internship // We’re adding new monthly leadership development experiences for our year-round interns to help provide more value to this vitally important community of leaders at Mini-Yo-We!

Are you passionate about helping next generation leaders make a difference in this world? Camp Mini-Yo-We relies on donations from friends like you to help fund these vitally important changes for next summer. We’d be honoured for you to make a generous donation at this time of year.

Our goal is to raise $98,000 before December 31st, 2018. Your gift would go a long way to ensure a strong launch into 2019. Follow this link to learn more and to make a donation now.